corner lot or not

tracik3July 2, 2012

Hi, all! I have been lurking here for a couple of weeks and the information I have gained is invaluable!!

We are trying to decide on our lot. Its in a subdivision. One is .55 in the middle of houses. The other is .45 or .46, can't remember and its the corner lot. The cost difference is $2000. I don't know if it makes a difference but the house plans has a 3 car garage and we will have a pool put in.

Right now we live in the middle of houses and think we would like a corner lot. Just wondering if others like their corner lots?

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You might want to ask a local RE or 2 if corner lots are desirable in your area. We have what could be a corner lot someday. There is a paper road on one side of us (included in the 1960's subdivision, but never built). I like having the buffer there (its trees and woods and a spring pond now) but if they ever built the road it would mean I'd need a new fence on that side. Something solid, not the black chain link we have now.

I'm personally not a fan of corner lots because I am a dog person and a lot of dogs will bark at people walking by. The last dogs we had wouldn't, but this dog will, and who knows about the next dog.

Also, people driving by and making the corner will shine headlights into the windows on one side of the house. That might bug me. I'd probably go for the larger lot in between the other homes.

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Current house is corner lot (we built, 5 yr old). New construction house is also a corner lot.

Word of caution. Look into township regulations regarding fences and sheds for placement. Corner lots have different rules than everyone else. For example, a fence on our current house, has to be 50 feet from the sidewalk. A non corner house, can be right up on property lines. Shed, is 10 feet from lines, but for corner house, again 50 feet from sidewalk. You can contest these rules, but need a zoning board hearing, which is expensive.

Headlights don't bother us. If you have good window coverings, you don't even notice. And it's only for a second or so.

Stats show that corner lots are often burglarized, so beware. But it is nice to have that extra space, and not be sandwiched in between other houses.

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If you are putting in a pool, I might prefer a non-corner lot... Less to shield.

But, the "value" of a corner lot is that you only have a neighbor on 1 side (and the back); and not on both sides.

I just depends on your preferences.

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People, especially children, will walk through your lawn rather than take the longer path around the corner. Corner lots get more dog poo.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Corner lots may be noisier if you have a stop sign or intersection on your corner.

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I never would have imagined getting a corner lot basically because of everything people mentioned, but we kind of did. Well, our lot is at the end, but it has a 100' treed area of "green space" next to it. I think we'll still have the privacy we want- not any less than anyone else in the neighborhood. Plus, since our house is on top of a hill, we get a great view on that side of the house. The people next to us won't have the awesome view like us... unless they think our house is awesome to look at. Lol! Our neighborhood is pretty small so I don't think we'll have a ton of traffic going by us.

Anyway, thought I'd mention a positive for our "corner" lot. Maybe you will have a better view?

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LilFlowers MJLN

We have a corner lot on both properties that we own. Both properties have been burglarized multiple times. We have not had people cutting though our lot simply because we have a deep ditch in the front of our house, but we have seen it with our neighbor's corner lot across the street.

I love corner lots because you can choose how you want to situate your garage and what road you want your driveway to come off of. For example, one of our roads is a horribly LONG name and the other road has a relatively short name. At this particular place, we had our 911 address from the short named road. Believe me, it helps when you are writing your address for different documents that one fills out. I have 3 boys in school. It's just much easier.

The cons with living on a corner lot is that we hear squealing tires when the people pass up the stop sign and honking horns. A motorcycle with a very LOUD muffler, guns it at 3 in the morning and wakes us up. We have people turn around in our driveway constantly. There isn't any privacy if you don't have a fence. Depending on how the houses on the side and back of you are situated, you could end up with your bathroom facing your neighbor's kitchen window. The back of our house faces our neighbor's driveway. Whenever he comes home, we can see the lights from his vehicle.

Before you buy it, visualize how your house will sit on the property. When the previous owners of our current house built it, they didn't put it on the acre lot in the most usable way. For instance, I cannot see my boys playing in the largest part of the yard. My living and dining room are on the east side of the house. My kitchen is in the back of the house, and my bedroom and bath cover the whole west side of the house where the largest part of our usable yard.

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Epiarch Designs

we too are debating between 2 lot options. One is a lot right beside a "corner lot". The corner lot is about $4k more, but is also slightly larger.
It is not a true corner lot IMO, rather it is on a rounded street thus no stop sign and on the same street. However we would still need to pay to install, maintain, and clean snow off a sidewalk on 2 sides instead of just infront (about 300LF of sidewalk). It is not a heavily used road, however would still have some of the privacy issues others have mentioned. I would prefer the lot right beside the corner lot, but the wife wants a corner lot. We live on a corner lot currently, (with 2 streets, no stop signs) and experience many of the things people described above. However we do not currently have sidewalks at our current home we are selling.

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Well, y'all have brought up some facts to consider. There is a stop sign at the corner. The neighborhood isn't that large but they are going to add on to it in the future. Its sort of rural.

One of our reasons for wanting a corner lot is because the house we picked out has a side garage and it would make it so easy to back our trailer with 4 wheelers on it into.

We do have a dog and she will bark at everyone walking by. We will have a privacy fence though. So, that will give us some privacy for the pool.

I don't like the dog poo in the yard! Its bad enough that I have to pick up my own dogs poo! lol I also don't want people cutting through our yard all the time. I also don't want to have trouble selling it in the future.

Thanks for all the input!!

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Less private space unless you screen off some of the back yard from one street.

I have a corner lot now, but it quickly rises a good 8-10 feet above the sidewalk.
People do not look up and we have a lot of plantings to screen off the patio.

The biggest hassle is shoveling the extra sidewalk.

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There are not sidewalks in the neighborhood.

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Haven't noticed dog poo in the 5 yrs we've been here. Yes, we have a stop sign, the biggest problem is people NOT stopping! Intersections aren't noisy. Will buying the house next to the corner make the intersection more quiet? Kids don't cut through. We are the bus stop location, so that's nice, just send the kids out the door. Get an alarm.

Which lot did you choose?

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I grew up under the notion that corner lots were superior, but I've changed my mind in recent years based on many of the reasons others already cited above: much less privacy (especially for a pool), more fencing, more noise and traffic, and (in my area at least) more restrictive building setback requirements (i.e., a larger portion of the property is restricted from building on as the front setback limits apply to both sides with street frontage).

For these reasons, I'd actually pay less for a corner lot than I would for an interior lot.

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We told the builder the corner lot. But, I am going to call him today and ask about how far does the house have to built from the road and will take most of the yard up. We want a big lot because we want a pool, small shed, small garden and have some yard left over.

Thanks everyone!

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