Cold sores???

susie_queFebruary 1, 2010

I have been getting cold sores for as long as I can remember.

I have always called them cold sores but is there a difference between cold sores. canker sores or fever blisters??

What I get starts with a little tingle-sort of a tenderness on my lip or under my nose. Some times they are large and make my lip swell and sometimes they show up in clusters of tiny itchy sores.

I am just getting over a bad head cold and I wake up this morning with a HUGE cluster of sores under my nose all the way to my upper lip. AS the day wore on it grew and now my whole mouth region aches-even my teeth ache!!

I only use mild soap on my face and I was careful washing as to not irritate the area. I did go over the area with a cotton ball doused in astringent.

All my life I have had this.

I have used all sorts of over the counter type products and nothing really works. One of the nuns at high school also got them and told me many years ago to break a vitamin E capsule and apply the gel to my lip every night??

I need help!! LOL!!



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It's a type of herpes. You can ask your doctor for a prescription for Zovirax or the generic Acyclovir. It isn't expensive and will speed the healing of your cold sores. Its best to take it as soon as you feel the bit of tingling. There is also a topical cream or ointment.

Poor baby. My grandmother suffered terribly with them.

L-Lysine, a supplement you can buy OTC is supposed to help as well.

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Susie,exactly what Barnmom said. No they aren't a veneral disease.

There are many types of herpes, including chicken pox and shingles. Only people who have had chicken pox get these and that's one of the reasons why children should always be vaccinated against chicken pox. Go immediately to your dermatologist for a prescription of Valtrex which is even better than Zovirax, but more expensive. If you can't get to see your dermatologist fast, then go to your regular doctor. I have had these blisters most of my life and they are not cold sores or fever blisters. They are many times more painful. They can be very serious because they can be transferred to other parts of your body, including your eyeballs by touch. In your eyes they can lead to blindness. In the future keep the medicine on hand and when you feel the tingling sensation start taking it immediately and keep your hands away from the sores.

(((Susie)))I know how bad you are hurting!


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Abreva works too, especially if you catch it early. You can get it at your local pharmacy; it comes in a little tiny tube.

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What Barnmom and Beverly told you is all good advice.

The topical cream to speed healing is called Abreva, and you can get that at the regular pharmacy. I would suggest you get it right now and start applying it. It's a little expensive, but worth it.

I swear by the antiviral tablets -- the Dr. prescribes Acyclovir for me because I sometimes get shingles, and it also works on cold sores/fever blisters. Both are caused by a herpes virus.

If I take the tablets at the first sign of the tingling you described it doesn't get too bad.

If I already have the blisters, the Abreva helps heal them faster.

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Yep, I forgot the mention the Abreva. I keep it on hand too.

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Feel better Susie.

All I can think of is that South Park episode..

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My sister used to get these often. She started taking Lysine and they stopped. She stopped taking the Lysine, they came back. (This was 30 years ago before all the drug companies starting making meds for it.)

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I dont have any suggestions, but I hope you feel better soon.


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Google lysine. I take mega doses at the first tingle and it stops it or greatly lessens it. Abreva helps too.


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Yes, I get them too, but not as bad as you describe. Definitely get going on the Abreva. It dries them out pretty quickly.

And yes to Zovirax. My brother takes it at the first sign.

I find that I get them if my lips are exposed to the sun. I always use lip balm with sunblock in the summer.

I did have chicken pox as a kid and I have heard that herpes lives in your nerves after that and often causes cold sores. I also want to get the vaccine for shingles, which are caused by the same virus.

Another thing I get are little sores at the corner of my mouth. It's not herpes, but some kind of fungal infection.

I feel bad for you. I just hate it when I have one. They are ugly and painful.

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I meant to add that my doctor said to use Lotrimin on the fungal infection. It's the same as athlete's foot -- a fungus.


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Oh Susie, I am so sorry for your pain! I remember my dad getting them in place of a cold and using Camphophinque (?sp)This past December my daughter was in the hospital and one of her nurses was rambling on about getting a cold sore, I wasn't really paying attention, but I did hear her say the best product on the market she thought was Carmax, she got it at Walmart! I hope this helps and I hope you get some relief soon! Gina

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Jessy said all she could think of is that South Park episode. I always think of ''This is Spinal Tap''.

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Vit. C can't hurt either. It's an immune booster.

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Go to your doctor and get a prescription for Valtrex. I used to use Zovirax, but Valtrex is so much better. When I first feel a tingle I take the pill and it never developes into a full blister. The key is taking it immediately, but even if you don't or can't it still makes the pain and duration better.

I feel for you.

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I can tell you what I do when I get those cold sores. I use Abreva and then cover the cold sore with a gel called Zilactin. The Zilactin acts like Liquid skin bandage to cover the sore . My last sore was treated at the first tingle with the Abreva and then the Zilactin. The sore was completely gone in 2 days. I ordered the Zilactin online from because no store in my area was carrying the Zilactin.

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Guess I'm one of the lucky ones, I don't get cold sores but hubby used to get them every winter... He would dab a tiny bit of perfume on them and they'd go away in a day or two...


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Hmm, so far no one has suggested Windex.

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WOW Thanks for all the help!!
The cluster did not get too bad and now its just a dry scab.
I did have chicken pox very bad as a child-was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Then in my teens I got Mono.

When I was very young I was diagnosed with a heart problem. The family doctor isntantly put me on antibiotics so from age 2-3 until I was about 10 I was on them. (At 10 I was "properly" diagnosed and taken off antibiotics)
The antibiotics basically ruined my immune system and so even now it seems I just get sicker than most people.

I will give Lou a call before I switch to a new primary in my new state.


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My husband would get cold sores...he always ended every ski trip with a cold sore. I read some where that taking a daily dose of 10,000 units of vitamin A would help, and I insisted he take that along with the multi-vitimin and extra vitamin C. He never got another cold sore.
They are cheap suppliments, can't hurt and might make your life a lot easier.
Linda C

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I don't get them but just wanted to say I hope you get better soon.

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Susie - be sure to look into the shingles vaccine. Those of us that have had chicken pox are more susceptible to them. That is something you really don't want to get.

Take care and glad to hear it's improving, although I hate the scabby stage. Treat it with TLC so it doesn't leave a mark.

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I have never had the chicken pox, hope you never get the shingles. Do not know why I don't catch the chicken pox when I am exposed to it. I was exposed to sister when she got them as a child, didn't get them. Daughter brought them home, two brothers came down with them, daughter did not. She apparently inherited my immunity gene from me.

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I get those sometimes. Stress both emotional and environmental bring them out. A first date or job interview almost always prompts my system to generate one. The virus lives in your spine and migrates along the nerves to burst out as a cold sore. Sort of creepy alienish type thing.

So avoid stress. Use a lip protectant like chapstick or vaseline when you are outdoors. Both sunburn and windburn will prompt an outbreak for me. Three-in-One antibiotic ointment does a fair job in speeding healing (about $1 generic otc). It will help keep the scab soft so it does not crack open while healing.

Avoid raw pineapple! I love fresh raw pineapple but it has a chemical that eats a layer of skin off you lips. Cooked pineapple like what is in a can won't do it because the heat destroys the chemical doing it.

My home remedy major weapon to fight the cold sore is an ointment called Absorbine Jr. Really nasty stuff... acetone and wormwood oil. If I can catch a cold sore before it swells up Absorbine will kill it so that an open sore never develops. As soon as I feel the sensation of a sore coming on I run for my bottle and dab it down good. If the sore is already open this stuff will burn! I'm certain this is not "good" stuff to be putting on your lips but then the cold sore is no friend either. When I use some I always put on Old Spice aftershave and everyone says I smell like their grandpa.

Just my experience over the years. When I was younger the cold sores would sometimes make it difficult to eat as they spread. These days I keep them down to an outbreak every couple years.

: )

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