117+ Updates :-).....Best Way

mxyplxMay 22, 2012

When I fired up my El Cheapo DC7600 it had W/xp Pro SP3 and it went right to work updating itself - only had 117 at that point. Well it took a couple tries but I managed slit it's throat and get that stopped. Somehow I just don't think that'd work to well but it's just a gut feeling. I usually do maybe 3 at a time - takes longer, of course. Do all the dot.nets separately and in order if possible.

Incidentally the updating started when I attempted the first shut down and a mssg said, "don't shut down - when the updates are finished the comp will automatically shut down."

Originally I was just going to take it off and install Linux but am going to stick with it a while so better update. Right? Right. So.

Any suggestions on a good way to handle this? Or should I just schedule a month's time? Or trust the machine?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I never do that many at a time especially on a machine you are not familiar with. I would change the settings in it to only notify of updates but you do them manually and break it down into groups of maybe 15 or 20 at most, I personally skip the .net updates they are more trouble than they are worth and if I ever have anything that needs the more advanced .net I will either decide not to use it or consider doing the updates then. In all these years I have yet to use any programs that needed any .net above what is on the machine. Now if they are security updates to the actual .net version you have on the machine do those.

I think if it is a new machine to you, I would do a good cleaning out of the system remove any stuff not needed, run ccleaner at default or atf cleaner and then do maintenance on it, defrag, check event viewer to see if you spot any obvious problems listed, etc. Then do the updates, the more clean and prepared the machine is the more likely it will go smoothly. And of course you have a new clean updated and running antivirus program on it and have run a full malwarebytes scan on it right???

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Yes there are that many updates but they span the time frame from when XP SP3 was launched. No reason in the world you could not let the first 100 install because those are quite old and by now obviously safe.

The best tip I can offer anyone wiping an XP machine is to ensure IE8 is installed first (after safety programs of course). Then the updates will not get interrupted waiting for your approval to install IE8. Personally I allow all updates and have yet to come unstuck but of course we all have our preferences.

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Thanx for remindng me to do those scans. I needed that. I've lots to do and some things don't get put on the list. Got 3 lists. Do. Do Now. Do Right Now.

First off I installed MSE and activated the Windows Firewall. IE8 came installed.

Just now I ran Ccleaner, And Mbam. Defrag wasn't needed. Mbam full scan found Pup.Bundle.Installer.Ol and I removed it but can't find much about it on Google except that its No Damn Good. Hope it stays gone. Quick scan did not find it. I ran the full scan 1 1/2 times - gone. For now.

SuperantiSpyware found adware.iBryte which is also now gone. MSE full scan -Zip.

Will start the updates asap.

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mxyplx, that sounds like what I did recently. This was still running XP SP2. RC suggested Secunia and that made it so easy. It listed everything I needed (4 years of updates) and I just let'r rip (after my security was in place). Every so often I'd have to check "I accept" boxes or read something to make sure I wasn't accepting anything unwanted, but it went very smoothly. Hope yours does too.

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Oops, forgot the link

Here is a link that might be useful: Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes definitely I do really recommend using that tool. I also recommend using ninite.com for all the stuff you want to install, in one place and they strip out all of the junk like toolbars that try to get installed, definitely a great service.

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Or you could just buy a Mac... [g,d &r]

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Ran Secunia, eliminated several B/U's accordingly which left 99. Heck with it I just 'let er rip' and it took under an hour. I didn't time it exactly. Sure surprised me.

Ninite is bookmarkt; will use.

Mac's taste good...... :-)

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