What Year is my Roper (gas) Stove

justalittleplaceAugust 19, 2013

We are in the process of refurbishing this old Roper we recently got. The past owners didn't know a year (1940's..50's is what they thought). Is there anyone out there that can help me figure out what year it is? We've looked for a plate or any kind of decal to give us a serial number, etc., and there is none (unless it is underneath the stove).

I'm attaching a picture so you can see maybe some identifying characteristics of it. (Image may not show the color of the clock...it is brown.)

I will be needing to get a few parts for it (missing handle, and one burner head) if anyone could point me in a good direction.

Also we are wondering about changing it over from Natural Gas to Propane. Would anyone know if this has just a simple switch...or do we need to get a LP orifice?

Thank you for your time!

Have a GREAT day everyone!

(on the plains of Colorado)

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Why don't you do a search on Google Images to see if you can find one that looks the same. Then take a look at the web page to see if it will give you a year and model.

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Thank you. Yes, I keep doing that. (HOPING to find something!!) Today I found a posting on ebay of the exact same one as mine...but they didn't have a year for theirs either. *sign*

Thank you for trying to be a help to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: vintage 1940s or 1950s Roper stove

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A lot of Roper ranges on eBay seem to have vague dates. They may have had longer production runs than we have now? I'd contact a stove restorer and ask them. They might be a lento turn you onto parts suppliers. I imagine it won't the the easiest finding what you need. Might be worth watching that auction and buying the stove for parts. You could mix and match to have the best of the two and still have backup parts.

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If you click on the link below, it will take you to "appliance advisor". Click on the "manufacturers" link at the top of the page. Then scroll down until you reach the "antiques and rebuilt antiques" section. Each of those links will connect you with companies that refurbish and rebuild old stoves, etc.

If you provide them with a photo, they should be able to date your range as well as provide the missing parts you're looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: appliance advisor

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Thank you! I contacted one yesterday (sending them a few pictures) in hopes of them being able to do JUST THAT!! (Haven't heard from them yet.)

I thank you for sharing this link and directions to find these others. What a tremendous help! Thank you!


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Just saw this post now, not sure if you ever got your answer but I have a 1953 Roper that is almost identical to yours...I will post pic below. I got it about 3 yrs ago, never used, still had the original Good Housekeeping stickers inside the inside of the door. I have all the original instructions and books for it, so I know for a fact it is a 1953.

I have used it daily since having the thermostat and valves gone over by someone here in NY that specializes in old stoves, and absolutely love it! Gets tons of comments...so different than all my friends kitchen's and their stainless stuff...(yawn)...

I would think based on the look of yours, it could not be more that 2-3 years earlier or later than mine....check out the picture.

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Wow what a score! Where did you ever find that??

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It was on Ebay, and it I saw the ad the day it expired, before I even had a chance to contact the seller. He claimed in his ad it was never used...obviously I was skeptical. But since it went unsold, I contacted him since he was in NJ about 20 miles from where I work, and went to check it out.

Story was this, his inlaws ran a store that was a "soda shop" way back when, then was diner type restaurant when those soda shops went the way of the Edsel...and they lived above it. He was clearing out all the stuff from both floors to get ready to sell the building. Since they worked 7 days a week downstairs, they did all their cooking down there, and the stove, which was in the kitchen in the upstairs apartment, was never used for anything other than boiling water. Like I said except for a couple dings in the enamel, it was almost like it was right off the line, good housekeeping stickers and everything. You could even tll the drip trays had never seen a piece of food or a drop of oil....it was amazing.

I really enjoyed being the first person to cook a meal on it, almost 60 years after it was built!

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Hi there - found this thread by Googling Vintage Roper Stove. I just bought one that needs some new burner heads. Did you find a place to buy replacement parts? Ive got the model # 561 54A10. Thanks!!!

Also - if youve got a manual and would like to share it or know how / where to order one that info would be great!!

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Try the crew at DISCUSS O MAT on line.

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Thanks so much!! Will check it out.

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