Estitmates and people actually to do the work

melrsigSeptember 2, 2013

We are in the process of getting estimates for the tile for our master bathroom remodel. It has been super difficult to get anyone to even come out let alone actual give a price.

So I finally got a quote on Friday from one place after 2 weeks and that is after I called and asked again.

The material for the tile was $1000. Not bad. The labor cost was $12,000. I think they just don't want to do it so he gave me a crazy price. I asked him to give me something written with it actually broke down costs. he said maybe Tuesday. I doubt I ever hear from him again. This is not just a one man type show place either.

I was just wondering what everyone else is dealing with on getting estimates or getting people to actually want to do the work.

Another company came out Thursday and he has supposed to have an estimate for me Wednesday.

I had another person scheduled for Thursday and they didn't show up until Friday at a random time when I was still at work. Not sure how that miscommunication happened since they called me to confirm Thursday. Needless to say that didnt impress me.

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If you're having this many issues with everyone you've contacted, then you're sending out some signals that tell contractors that they don't want to deal with you. What those signals are, I have no idea, but you can bet that's the case if it's a universal response

How are you asking for quotes? Do you have a scope of work prepared? Is it detailed? Is it too detailed? How complex of a design might this be? Is the 12K for just the tile install, or for the whole bathroom remodel. For a tile install, it's outrageous. For a whole bath remodel, it's not that far out of the ballpark.

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Basically I have just calling and walking into the tile stores. The one that stood me up I have been dealing with the salesperson but he was the installer so I have never even met him.

All I keep hearing is we are so busy. We have this job that job. I keep saying that's fine I just need to get on someone's schedule.

Nothing funky just tile laying. It is tile on the floor and a 48x48 shower. We want 2 niches a shower seat or corner seat and truley framless door. We will take care of everything else amd that might be the issue. Too small of a job and everyone says they are slammed.

The company that is supposed to give me an estitmate this week already told me I would be the last job of the year and it would be scheduled before Christmas and the only reason they would do it is because it is small.

Bathroom has been gutted already and we have a plumber because is a friend and has did the house when we built it. So that might be part of the problem.

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I have been getting the run around too, and yes, it might be my own fault. After coming out, they submitted a bid. I made a few changes, and they revised.
We wound up waiting a few months because it took forever on the HELOC. I kept in touch with them to let them know we still wanted to stay on board, and what was going on.

Now that we are absolutely ready, they seem not to be. They are friendly and seem eager when I speak to them or email, but something's off. We made a review appointment, since it's been a while since they came out, and they missed it. They were very apologetic about that, but yes, I'm worried they don't want to work with us. Our fault, I know.
They are the only general contractor with an A+ on Angie's list by many customers in our area, so they are slammed with business and can't keep up. I'm thinking perhaps that with all of that, they simply don't want a $12K job. Much better is the $30K job!
Good luck to you - I hope you find someone to do this more reasonably than $12K.

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Well, they called me back and we have another appointment on Thursday. Melrsig, I wish you luck!

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