Forum Fairy Gift-mothers strike again!

teresa_nc7February 8, 2010

Today at the office I received a wonderful surprise package from my dear friend Sherry/sheshebop: delightful rose soap by Woods of Windsor because I said that is one way that I pamper myself, and a package of Herb & Garlic Bread Base from King Arthur Flour, which I can't wait to try! Do you think the perfumed soap will cancel out the garlic smell? Oh, who cares? The catalog has some great items in it. I've seen several I want to try.

Sherry, this was such a nice surprise and so very thoughtful of you. I told my co-worker that I am just in awe of the generous nature of my cooking forum friends and how the friendship and goodies just keep getting spread around. It is truly amazing.

Thank you very much, Sherry! Wishing you, Roger, and your family love, warmth, and electricity over the next few months!


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How nice!! And what fun to receive such a good surprise.

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Nice things happen to nice people! And Sherry is beyond thoughtful.

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Teresa, what a nice gift. Sherry really is a sweetheart.


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Teresa, I am glad you like the soap. I love Woods of Windsor stuff and hoped you would too.
I don't know if you will use the bread base, but thought it might be OK.
You deserve nice things. After all, I make bread almost every weekend, and would never have been confident enough to do it if you hadn't taught me how.

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What a nice and thoughtful gift!


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What a nice thing to do.

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Ohhhhh....that warms my heart, Sherry - and makes all that running around in the 100+ temps during bread camp worthwhile.


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I just love reading about these kind of random acts of thoughtfulness!

enjoy your gifts, Teresa! Sherry is one in a million!


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Oh yes, that's a very nice gift indeed. Sherry is really a sweetheart, but don't tell her I said that, I keep telling her she's a hussy....


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