David/Lakeguy, are you snowed in?

annie1992February 9, 2011

I saw on the news that Oklahoma was getting hammered again with snow. Now usually when I say that "David is getting hammered", it has something to do with drinking, but not this time.

Are you OK, still have power, will you ever be able to shovel out? What a winter for you, stay warm!


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Digging out yet again Annie. I'm REALLY tired of all this carp!! Another 6 - 22 inches of snow depending on what part of NEOK you live in. My burb got another 8 inches but just 20-25 miles NE of me they had two feet. Thankfully it stayed up there!! Schools have been closed for eight days now and I don't think they will open back up until Monday. I've shoveled more snow in the last week than I have in years.

A very cold night here tonight but then the warm up begins. Fifties by Sunday and the mid sixties all next week. That should melt all of this stuff and life will be back to normal again. No loss of power with all of this mess but it has really put a big strain on business and commerce in general. Crazy is all I can say!! I'm so ready for summmer!!

Thanks for checking in on me!


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Glad to see you reporting in travel buddy! You've been on my mind when I heard about OK on the news this morning. Good thing we didn't have to send out a search and rescue party with big shovels!
Whatcha been cooking with all that time around the house?

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Wow you must have got a lot of snow for the schools to be closed for 8 days. Glad you are safe.


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Yes, I'd heard there was up to 2 feet of snow, that's a LOT for you guys there, heck it's a lot for most places all at once.

I'm glad you're OK, take it easy with all that shoveling. As soon as the snow melts business will pick up and you'll be so darned busy that you won't even have time to cook! I'm thinking all kinds of positive thoughts here.


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Thinking of you big guy!

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I have been thinking about you as well.

Remember all that shoveling keeps you warm....


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Ewww. All that snow. I can't even imagine dealing with that. I'm glad you're ok and have power!! What a mess. Stay warm David! If that means cracking open a bottle or two, well so be it! I'm with you in spirit!!

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Come to California......evil grin...

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I've been thinking of you, too. My sister in Siloam Springs, Arkansas got 20" of snow, but I don't know if that was this last storm, or an accumulation over the past week.

Hang in there, David. We're heading up to Tahlequah this weekend to check on our place up there.


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Or Florida!

I saw the weather report yesterday that said record snow for Tulsa. I hope you stay warm.

What do people do to stay warm with temps that low? Fire place, sweaters? My grand babies are going to Michigan tomorrow, they are eager to play in the snow. I don't think they will stay outside long.

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Cathy, they're coming at the right time, we're supposed to warm up tomorrow, tonight it's still bitter cold, but tomorrow in the 20s, then in the 30s over the weekend. If hope they are going to northern Michigan, Elery is supposed to have rain by Wednesday and that just makes things sloppy and icky.


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David, you're weather has been, and seems to still be, worse than any of us have experienced this winter. Specially given that bad weather is relative to the norm that an area gets.

You my friend must have been very bad in a previous life!

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Oh David, stay warm friend!

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