bill v.- are you out there still?

sis2twoSeptember 9, 2012

I posted a question on the decorating site and am hoping that you are still available and can help me.

Since our tiled shower was put in 12 years ago we have had an issue with mildew on the caulk between the shower wall and floor. Have taken it out and reapplied caulk and the last time even had a professional tile person do it to make sure it was done correctly. Any suggestions regarding this? We have good ventilation and are using the proper caulk.

Upon researching this further, I learned that green board should never be used behind the walls of a tiled shower WHICH WE HAVE! So this is another concern even though we aren't having problems with the wall except for two tiny areas where grout has come out. Since cement backer board wasn't used, does this have to be redone?

The tile floor was put over what I recall looking like built up wood where the neoangle part of the shower is built up, some type of membrane and maybe some type of concrete? Does that make sense? The newer system used today was not used. Can I get your feedback? Thank you in advance.

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Sounds like they didn't preslope the pan, and it may be holding water now, which would be why you can't get rid of the mildew. Not the fault of the guy who installed the shower-- presloping the pan membrane became code 12 years ago, and there are many-- even inspectors-- who STILL don't know it's now code. But that's most likely the reason you're having problems. Only way I know of to rectify the situation is the tear it out and put the pan together right.

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Thanks Bill. The floor of the shower is sloped towards the drain.
Can I ask you about what to do if tile was put over green board? Thanks.

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The FLOOR is sloped, but the membrane UNDER the floor isn't, from what you told me-- If it were, there'd be mortar UNDER the membrane as well as over. As for the greenboard, The only thing you're going to do to rectify that is pull it all down, and replace the greenboard with cement board and retile.

It sucks, but from what you're telling me, this whole shower needs to come out and be redone.

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I agree with Bill. I might add that the ONLY time Greenboard (or regular drywall) is acceptable is when using a Surface-Applied Membrane such as Kerdi or Hydroban....but I highly doubt that was the case here...

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Thank you Bill and StoneTech for getting back to me. In the meantime I have found out that greenboard was not used in our shower thank goodness! But I still am frustrated about the moldy caulk issue. I think I'm going to have someone come and take a look at it.
Can you give me any info on using epoxy grout in the shower and would you recommend it?

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Epoxy or Urethane grout is good stuff....I use it all the time. Having said that, it won't solve any moisture problems under the surface. Most it might do is buy you some time.

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Thank you StoneTech.

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