Culinarian New Simmer? Just the Center Ring?

TonySakAugust 5, 2011

Does anyone know whats up with this? If you watch the below youtube clip, you will see about half way threw, the capital burner lighting only the middle most burner ring. The output on the center ring appears to be much higher too. Did they design a new simmer feature?


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honestly, it was such a quick flash I suspect the flame just hadn't transferred to the outer rings. There is often a slight lag in the flames moving to the outer rings. They could also have doctored the burner by blocking the transfer channel from underneath. That would extend or prevent the flames from transferring to the outer rings until enough gas built up.

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Hello amcook. This is Surjit Kalsi. Where did you get this shot of our Capital Culinarian Prototype Burner? Capital never produced or marketed this Burner. It was a mere prototype burner and we never saw its valuable Functionality. It never went out on our Production Lines and was never marketed. I would love to know who is messing around with our Culinarian Design.Users of our Capital Culinarian Products,Please be aware of the Forgeries and report to me for action against such people.

Surjit Kalsi
Capital Cooking Equipment, Inc.

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Hmmm, this could get interesting, Those "Colonist" best head for them far hills!!!! Me???? I'm heading for a car show!



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Hi Surjit,

The picture posted wasn't from me. I just commented on Tony's initial post. If you go to the url in the first post, it's from a youtube video. The video was posted by a user named Integratedappliance1 and the video itself references a company named "Colony Appliance Warehouse". I am no relation to either so good luck tracking down the offender if they did indeed come by some footage they shouldn't have.

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BTW, I would be happy to test any such experimental burner you might come up with. :)

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This video was posted on Capital's own Facebook website on April 27.

Looks like someone from the Canadian distribution company (Integrated Appliance) made the video for Colony Warehouse in Vancouver to introduce the product. I have been to Colony and have seen a couple of the ranges there. They are fairly low key operation, not as flashy as the video would suggest.

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I've been looking at purchasing the CC and have been reading all the forums over the past few weeks...

Did anyone else notice at about :32 in the video the shot of the interior oven has the rotisserie running diagonal across the oven (back right to front left)? Is that new? or just another "prototype"? Every other picture and in person viweing I've seen the rotis across the middle of the oven.


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I am sure the rotisserie we see in the Video is in the wall oven not a range the range rotiss goes side to side only

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I saw that, but I brushed it off as the 30" range, since the oven is a bit smaller.

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