Semi-pro range and long hair: possible danger to keep in mind

aliris19August 13, 2012

Just a quick note, that I'll cross-post to kitchens, for the record. In contemplating acquiring a semi-pro range, aka a private blast-furnace, be wary of children's long hair in the kitchen.

We've had no accidents yet, but I am constantly fearful that one of them will brush by the thing and alight their long hair. What I hadn't thought about is how much shorter and therefore closer to those high flames they are. And now as they start to use it on their own, sometimes I forget to remind them .... oooo, it's a little nerve-racking.

I wouldn't, probably, have done anything differently, but thought a heads-up for the search record might be useful to someone some day.

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No hairspray allowed.

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Thanks for the practical advice - that's exactly the kind of thing that would cross my mind. And it isn't even the semi-pro range that one needs to consider with long hair. Watch out for those lower BTU candles too. We were at a holiday party when I noticed the distinct aroma of singed hair and turned to see the woman next to me with long strands of hair dangling over a candle.

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