question about Avast

casiMay 22, 2011

Do you have to keep re-registering? I've already registered for my free program but it says it will expire in 15 days???

Also, I keep getting an e-mail about PDF Reader 10. Is this free and is it something I need?


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Avast requires registering every 14 months. It is not difficult, just follow the prompts.

No doubt you have the Adobe PDF Reader and they want you to update. There is no harm in either updating or staying with the current version. Many people move away from Adobe as it seems to be more of a resource hog and use other free PDF readers. Myself I use Nitro which is quite small and suits my needs.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

If you do have Adobe and it has an update you really should do it because they are usually always for security reasons, there are really some bad problems with it that can make you vulnerable if you do not keep it updated.

I got rid of adobe reader long ago and went with pdf xchange
PDF-XChange Viewer

that avast pop up should have a link right on it for you to select to do the re-register it takes just a second.

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RC, you should mention its only good for 32 bit systems

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genes I use PDF XChange Viewer on my 64 bit laptop. Works fine.

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Funny, if you go to the home page is says for 32 bit only...was going to try something new and get rid of Adobe, seen that so went with Nitro

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

nope it is fine with 64 bit also
The Free PDF-XChange Viewer FREE/PRO is compatible with all Windows Versions from Windows 2000 and later both 32 & 64 bit architecture.

it says it right on their website under system requirements.

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