Are any freezerless fridges reliable?

ontariomomAugust 3, 2012

Hi Folks,

I am hoping for some wisdom and helpful opinions on freezerless all fridges. We have room for a counter depth all fridge and separate up right freezer in our new kitchen (they will be across the room from each other so don't need to be a matching pair). The more I research freezerless fridges the more discouraged I get. It seems there are many bad reviews on the following mid-priced models: Whirlpool, Electrolux and Fridgidaire (such as fridge not keeping food cold, breaking down within a year, etc).

I have now started to look at Thermador which is a far pricier model, and so far the reviews have been much more favorable. I haven't looked at the Miele or Gaggenau all fridge as I fear they would even more expensive than the Thermador, but will look into either of these brands if that is my best option to get a reliable all fridge. I would love your input on the following:

1)Are there any owners of freezerless fridges who have owned their fridges for more than 3 years and who can recommend their fridges (or even not recommend their fridges)?

2)Is there a reason why a freezerless fridge should be inherently less reliable than a standard fridge?

3)Are the pricier models made by Thermador, Gaggenau and Miele my only reliable options.



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I have a friend who has the set of Kenmore fridge/freezer units. They have owned them for several years (10+). They are counter-depth and I think something like 36" wide each. The fridge did have an issue last year but it was covered under a separate appliance warranty they have (full replacement).

The units aren't that expensive, like us$1000 or so.

I think SubZero makes one as well.

In terms of storage space, she doesn't complain. And she keeps it full. But she has an additional 18-20cuft standard fridge/freezer in the garage for overflow and longer term stuff. And a separate standup freezer (I forget what size).

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My Sub Zero 501 all refrigerator lasted 27 years. Next week I'm replacing it with another Sub Zero all refrigerator even though I'll have to remove the cabinets over the fridge - the new unit is taller than the old one.

Unfortunately Sub Zero will be in the pricier range.

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You could also check out Liebherr, I think the 24" all fridge model my wife and I decided on is about $3,500 or so, but they have various models you can see on their web site and I know they are listed on


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Hi Guys and thanks for the replies.

Phil: Did you read favourable reviews for the Liebherr? I did not come across too many reviews on the Liebherr all fridge, but there were a few bad ones. I will do some more research, and go see one for sure.

Weedmeister, Kenmore is not a brand I have seen. I will go to Sears and take a good look -- thanks.

Marie -- A subzero would be simply wonderful. I don't think a Subzero would get the nod from my DH though as he is still in shock from the price of the Thermador. Glad to know SZ fridges are worth the cost though.

Everyone: Anyone out there own the Thermador Column fridge? Is it worth the extra cost over a mid-priced fridge.

Thanks and more comments welcome.


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Carol, I did read some a while back, but honestly I have read so much over the past few months I don't recall where I did. Mine won't be in for a few months so I am not sure that will help you, but I will put up a review when I do get it.

We are going with the SBS 24i1 model, if you want to see that on their web site, it is two (2) 24" columns.


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I have a Wood's all fridge and have had it for at least 8 years. This year, the seal on the door started to go and we looked into replacing it, but can't find it anywhere, so I'm assuming they don't make this brand anymore. We took some of the weight out of the door and make sure that it is tightly closed and it's good enough for now. We are moving and I'm getting the new Maytag 4-door!
The only problem with having an all fridge is that sometimes things get "lost", if you know what I mean:) I love all of the space, though.

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I have 30" Thermador twins. They are great! They are very well laid out and disappear in the kitchen. I have had no issues. They are pricier but I saved about 45% by buying new open box from markdown madness on eBay.

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Emilner, great to know you are happy with the Thermador. I will look for a buy like you did.

So, my short list is down to Kenmore, Woods, Liebherr and Thermador. I am afraid the SZ is out of my price range. Does anyone have any positive or negative experiences with the other all fridge makers?


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If you are not afraid of an e bay purchase, you should look up markdown madness and especially blue liquidation retail.

Blue liquidation has a lot of new SubZero all refrigerators and all freezers at terrific prices. Markdown madness(what a name!!) seems to have a lot of Thermadors at very good prices.

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