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stoveguyyMay 19, 2012

I use goggle maps on iPad. The satellite view for the road by my house was just updated in last 30 days. Road is under construction and sat view shows it. When I use my notebook computer it shows previous road. No construction. How can 2 computers accessing the same data show different views? Both use goggle map stuff.

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Because they're not accessing the same data? Maybe the notebook still carries a cookie that brings up the old image? Try clearing your cookies/cache, then see if it still brings up the old image.

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Perhaps you are approaching the house from different directions? Sure, sounds real stupid but that is exactly what happens when someone approaches my sister's home in Scotland on Google maps.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Thom (Google Employee)

Hi all,

Just to clarify, the map tiles you see in Google Maps for mobile are different than the ones seen on maps.google.com on the web. This is because of the reasons outlined above; mobile map tiles are size-reduced for quicker data transfer, but this process can take some time. Generally, if you see an update to maps.google.com, Google Maps for mobile will eventually received the same update; this can take several weeks depending on a whole host of variables - which is why it'd be imprudent of us to give out a timeline for map updates :)


That comes from http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/mobile/windows-mobile-devices/kq9i1pefJQk

I don't know if that explains it since you're getting more up-to-date mobile data but... it may?

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The standard view is also wrong. It shows the new lanes and the old current lanes laid on top of each other. But only a few new lanes. Not ALL the new lanes. It is a full cloverleaf design that is having 3 new flyovers installed with 6 or more new roundabouts. Lots of work. Hwy 169/494 in mpls. Never seen a combined road map on google. Maybe it is common?

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notebook now shows new construction. and today the "new" road is drawn in with dashed lines. they were solid lines last week. so map view shows partial reconstruction. who knew the guys at google maps had time to redo road construction on the fly or during construction?

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