Where to look for new dishes?

ArabellaMillerFebruary 3, 2014

I've been putting it off for way too long - I really need new every day plates. Ours are almost 20 years old, chipped and worn. I'm not even really sure what I'm looking for, since I'm not particularly in love with any specific style. I do tend to gravitate towards modern and simple, but not too trendy.

Where should I look? Can you help point me in the right direction?

thanks so much,


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I think a lot depends on how much you want to spend. For higher end, there is Macy's, Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma and Carsons/Bergners. Pier One and Pottery Barn have nice ones too. Then there is Target and if you are up for a challenge Homegoods and TJMax /Marshalls. You may have to hit several stores to complete a full set. And don't forget eBay and outlet malls. Even Ikea has a fairly large selection.

Hit a mall or the internet and look around for what you might like.

I switched to plain white 2-3 years ago. I found a boxed set at Homegoods for the basics and supplemented serving pieces from various places. The rimmed soup plates double as pasta bowls or salad dinners. As long as the white matches, I am happy.

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Don't for get to check Amazon - they have some interesting sets that I have been considering. You might also look at BB&B when they have a decent sale.

When I was looking a year or so ago, I did not find anything at all that I liked. My boss did a line of dishes many years ago (around 2002), and I believe they were sold at Saks or Neiman-Marcus. I liked them a lot, but they were fairly expensive. You might also try Barney's or Bloomingdales or Bergdorf's.

BTW, I got most of my current dishes at thrift stores and a Japanese dollar store that charges $1.39 for everything, which is why I need a new set that matches!


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You can find good dishes anywhere - I've gotten some of my favorites at Safeway. Sam's has some, as I'm sure Costco, etc do. Overstock.com and Amazon, Woot, Macy's BB&B, Kohls, Walmart, Target, Pier One, and on and on and on.

Good luck, you'll need it! LOL

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Restaurant supply stores often have plain, functional dishes that are very inexpensive -- and chip-resistant!

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I was going to suggest HomeGoods so I second Peppi's suggestion. Theirs are fancy.

Since you are looking for simple...so you have an outlet mall? The outlet near me has a Corelle store, their designs might meet your needs. Plus the last forever.

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AM, I like Fiesta Ware, although I don't have any. Lots of colors, but still "plain" enough to be suitable for me. Made in the USA and replacements are easily obtained.


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My recommendation would be for a china like Villroy & Boch. Over the years we had pottery, stoneware and china. In 2003 we bought Villeroy & Boch for our everyday ware and it's held up incredibly well. Only one piece has chipped. I completely agree with white dishes. The versatility and options to add accesorizing dishes is very attractive.

Another added bonus with porcelain vs stoneware or pottery is they take up less room in the cabinets. I can easily stack service for 12 or more. Mine were purchased on sale at Bloomies however Macy's and the outlets offer a wide range of choices.

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I am the thrift store queen when it comes to dishes. You can find lots of whites and then layer with colored ones. I prefer everything not be matchy-matchy and that includes matching up whites. It is boring to see a sea of the same shade of white or same pattern when layered looking across a table. When you mix/match you can get wonderful textures.

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Great suggestions, everyone! Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time.

I know I need the dishes, I was just having a hard time getting excited about looking. You all inspired me to look around online, and take a spin through some local shops - including Home Goods! While I was there, I remembered how much I love Denby. I have a few serving pieces I was given as gifts, but never considered the brand for dishes. Their website has some lovely things, and I even found a few contenders on overstock.com!

I haven't made a final decision just yet, but thank you for your inspiration!

- AM

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My cupboards are full of a hodgepodge of dishes. One missing in just about every set, thanks to The Kid, aka Bamm Bamm. I bought these off woot.com and I like them a lot. They go well with hodgepodge. I like Corelle. It fits nicely in the dishwasher because it's so thin. And so far Bamm Bamm hasn't managed to break any.

Here is a link that might be useful: corelle white

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I have an old set of corelle luxe that I have used everyday for probably 20+ years, love, love, love it because it is so durable, but I am so tired of it. I have two sets of china and two sets of crystal, that are used once or twice a year, maybe. Also a set of Emerilware that I hated because it chipped awful, It is now in a box waiting on a garage sale.

MY DD and DDIL love their Fiesta Ware and got me a few pieces for Christmas and I have since went crazy. I love it. Love the dishes, the baking pans, the pitchers, the bowls, everything. I started with red and now have several different colors.

I have found Dillards or Belk to be the best place for me to purchase it. It isn't expensive and you can add to it.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I love denby too...but I wouldn't want to eat off everyday dishes made in China- they often have lead. You can buy kits to test them, however.
I do have some made in China serving platters and such, but all the main daily dishes are made England, USA or Portugal ( I don't use those much).
I bought my Denby back when it was made in England.

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I will not eat or drink from anything made in China. They leach chemicals, Corelle is still made in the US. I bought their plain white set which is great. I believe I bought the set in BedBath and used their 20% coupon.


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I just bought a set of these dishesfrom BB&B with a 20% off coupon, which reduced the price by $14. Unfortunately, I noticed that the first plate was broken, and so without examining further, I packed everything back up to exchange it. At the store, the first box we examined that every plate broken, but the third box was intact, and so we took that home. I like these dishes a lot, but the plates are too large to fit in the MW for reheating, and so I will not serve anything on them that I would want to reheat. Normally, that would be pasta, and I have pasta plates for pasta, but they do not in any way go with these new plates. I guess I need to look for new pasta plates, since I use them a lot.

We are trying to get rid of excess dinnerware, as we have very limited storage in the kitchen.

Did you pick anything out for yourself?


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AM, I've been looking at getting new dishes as well. Thinking about the Corelle white with the sculptured rim or white porcelain from BB&B. I like the very thin dishes of the corelle - I've had heavy stoneware before and I know I don't want that at my stage in life. White porcelain is white porcelain, no matter the brand or the source. I can buy just the pieces I want, knowing that they will go with some big bowls, pasta bowls, and souffle dishes that I already have. And I like the big tall mugs I've seen at BB&B.

There is a corelle outlet near me, so I will travel to see all the styles available before I buy anything.

Good luck with your hunt!

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I love those, Lars! Really nice. I wish there was a corelle outlet near me, Teresa. I love their serving pieces.

I ended up getting the ones linked below. They're plain, and were very inexpensive, so I won't be too annoyed when the kids chip them. We've actually had them a while now, and so far no chips.

What I really like about them are the size and shape of the mugs. I've become crotchety and particular about my mugs, and I love the size and shape of these.

Thanks again everyone. I appreciate your input.


Here is a link that might be useful: Red vanilla dinnerware in grey

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