Early phone calls?

colleenozFebruary 4, 2010

In what universe is it acceptable to telephone people you don't know very early in the morning? I just had one call at 6.15am and another at 6.45am. I would never dream of telephoning before 8am unless I knew the person concerned was likely to be awake early. Is it just me?

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No - that is early in my opinion and I am up by 5AM every day. I dont call before 8:00 AM either which is why I LOVE email and FB! I dont wake anyone when I am up early.


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Who on earth would call you that early?

At that hour, the house better be on fire or you better be in the hospital, and you'd better be one of my kids, if you call me that early!!

I don't take calls much before 9AM on weekends, 7:30 or 8 on workdays. Maybe you can just call them back about 4AM.

I got calls, for a couple of nights, a couple of years ago - wrong number, at about 3AM, so every morning, after they called, I dialed them back at 7AM. I figured that if they were still up at 3AM, they weren't up at 7. The calls stopped.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

In my twenties, I thought everybody stayed up to at least 11:00 pm. At least.
I thought it was perfectly appropriate to call anyone until 11:00 pm.
Eventually, I "got it", lots of people go to bed at 9:00pm.
So, the people I think who would call early are either
incredibly clueless or young.
I was indeed clueless but I chalk it up to the learning curve!

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You better not be calling me before 9.... unless it's to cancel an appointment I have at 9:30!
And I know which of my friends stay up until the wee hours, and if the phone rings at 11:30 who it's likely to be.
Linda c

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It is inappropriate; it would and does freak me out! When I first got married and moved away from home I had numerous calls at odd hours that were to deliver horrible family news. These tragedies took place one after another over a 4 year period. I am like Pavlov's dog, to this day my heart starts pounding rapidly when the phone rings at odd hours.

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Cathy, I;m the same way. Most late or middle of the night or very early calls were bad news. My heart leaps when the phone rings at those hours. It also leaps because someone is waking me up out of a sound sleep.

And calls before 8:30 a.m. are unacceptable!

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This is interesting. My mother considered 8:00 a.m. to be the time at which she could start calling people. She often woke up at 3 or 4 a.m., so it was agony for her to wait until 8 to call people. I knew whenever the phone rang at 8 a.m. sharp that it was her. lol. (Boy, do I miss those calls now.) I tend to follow her example, although I rarely have reason to call anyone that early. It's been hard on me because I've had 2 kids living on the west coast - 2 time zones earlier (or is it considered later?) than me, so I have to wait till 10 to call them at 8, but that's way too early for them.

Bumblebeez, I don't know of any young person that would be up as early as 6:45 to be calling anyone!


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I never call people before 9:00 am, and at night never after 9:00 pm, unless it is family or friends that I know stay up later. However, even then I do not call after 10:00 pm.
I also freak at wee hours calls. It is always bad news.

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In my experience phone calls in the wee hours are bad news from my mother.

Frankly I don't welcome either one at the crack of dawn.

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We get sales calls at 5 am quite often. Any sales person that can't tell the difference between Idaho and Iowa doesn't get our business...sheesh.

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When I worked out of our home, I once had a customer who called at 10 pm or slightly later. I told her we got up early, the business was not open at 10 pm, and to please call during business hours. Well, 10 pm was convenient for HER. Finally I told her that since we were in bed at 10 pm and got up at 5 am, I'd call her when I got up. She didn't believe I'd do it. Fool.

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Blame it on the cell phone culture. It seems like my students (the young ones anyway) get calls at every hour of the day or nite and I think are growing up clueless that not everyone is glued to their phone appendage at all times.

BTW, there is a hilarious episide of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (one of the few I actually found funny), where Larry David tried to figure what is the cutoff time for calling someone at night. Of course he manages to get it wrong! :) He calls Julia Louis Dreyfus at 9:30 PM and she is in bed in her pajamas and he wakes up her whole family! I do think people with little kids tend to go to bed early and be up early, and not by choice!

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I hardly ever get any phone calls any more, except at work, and not even that many there. I also expect bad news if anyone calls before 7:45 a.m. (I'm not strict on no calls before 8 because sometimes people want to reach me before I leave). However, I also realize that I am likely to get calls from the East Coast earlier than usual.

I'm very happy to have a new phone number that is in a new (overlay) area code, and so no one has ever had my number before me. In fact, I must have neglected to tell people what my new number is. I leave my cell phone turned off most of the time because I don't like it, and I used it mainly when I was doing consulting and had to talk with clients. Now that I don't have clients any more, I use it just for emergencies, which rarely occur. I used to talk on the phone a lot when I was young, but I guess I'm just over it now. I'm more likely to use email now. I used to call people to get advice, but now I don't need that as much.


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Being self employed I do get calls at odd hours. But not usually. Most of my clients realize and respect regular hours. I did have a lady call at odd hours (not business related) several times ...I mean like 3am or 4am .....a few times...and yes, like everyone I think the worst when calls come in at those times of the day. She sounded nice and after telling her she had the wrong number a few times I finally decided to chew her out because I was sick of it. She got a bit huffy.....hung up and called back a few minutes later and hung up. She never called back again. I told her she had the wrong freaking number and get it the hell right! I mean c'mon!


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LOL Lars, I think you hit the nail on the head about the difference between the younger generation and the older one. I saw a program on PBS bemoaning how college students were glued to their cell phones all the time and it may be true, but I remember back in the day some people would talk for hours and hours on the regular phone, and I did tend to use the phone more in general, and write more too. So now it is cell phones and e-mail, but I don't know if that means the world is going to hell in a handbasket. And I don't think the older generation is techno-phobic or techno-illiterate like they were intimating either. I think we've just been plugged in and it's a "been there, done that" kind of thing now. We're plenty tech savvy, just old and tired, leave us alone! :)

I always expect bad news from a call at an odd hour. I know of some people who have an almost compulsive need to talk to people and just can't wait, that may have been the type of caller you had. That is definately not me! The phone is not my friend!

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If someone calls me before 9 am or after 9 PM MY TIME, there better be fire, flood, or copious amounts of blood involved. I do not make calls before 8 AM for business, 9 Am for personal (let the person get their day started, for cheese sake), or after 8 pm unless the person has specifically asked me to call them later. (I have a friend with insomnia on the east coast who really prefers I call her at 11 her time, but she specifically told me that was the best time.)

LPink, I don't think the older generations are all that tech-phobic either. We/They catch on well enough if there is sufficient interestt. I do think that we remember very well what's it's like NOT to have an electronic leash, and we realize that we lived perfectly fine without instant access to everyone or they to us. Teens now can't imagine hving to wait to make a call or talk to someone because they've never had to. I'm willing to bet that only 20% of the cell phone calls made or received in public or while driving contain any truly timely or important information. The rest of it could easily wait.

I don't really like phones much (probably coms from years at a job where I logged 60-75 incoming calls a day, and, no, I was not in customer service or sales.) I guess I drive people crazy because I don't feel the need to answer a ringing phone -- that's why I have voice mail -- and I will terminate the call if someone puts me on hold to answer another line.

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Pretty much everything Beanthere said. I think we must have been sisters in a previous life. And I'm sure we would say the exact same things as each other on the subject of cell phone use too.

Everyone who knows me knows they had better not call me before 9AM or after 9PM CST. Unfortunately my internal clock usually wakes me up anywhere from 4:30AM to 6:00AM. That doesn't mean I'm in any way interested in chatting. Ocassionaly I manage to go back to sleep for an hour or so around 7 or 8. And I wouldn't dream of making a personal call to someone during those hours unless the person had asked me to. I will start calling Dr's offices as soon as they open. Other business I give a few minutes for them to sit down and start their cup of coffee. I used to hate it when I walked in the door of my office building, always a few minutes early and have someone follow me, wanting something, to my cubicle or office before I could even sit my purse down and get my computer on. Thank goodness those days are over even if it does mean I'm a little older. Yes, there are a few rewards to aging.

I'm a friendly person and I enjoy talking to friends and family on the telephone, but not for forty-five minutes to hours. No way!! I have a cousin who used to call me and talk for hours. I could tell her my house was on fire and she would keep talking and that's no exageration. Just drove me insane. I moved and quit going to the same church and we drifted apart and I think in this instance this was a good thing because I would be hurting all over by the time I finally managed to get away from her.

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