My Dilly is gone

pkramer60February 23, 2014

We took Dilly for his final car ride this morning. Since his biopsy last Monday, he was getting worse each day and his pain was drastically increased. Even more meds no longer helped. By last night his cries and whimpers became screams. We knew we could not wait for the results and it was time.

So early this morning we lured him into a crate and carried it to the car. The emergency vets and techs were wonderful. They put an IV line into his paw while he was kissing them and brought him into a room. We sat on the floor with blankets, and tearfully said goodbye to the best dog in the world. The vet was also in tears.

The house feels empty but I am so relieved that he has no pain anymore. I will always miss him. I and others here that had met him have some wonderful memories of him.


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I'm sorry for your loss Peppi. It is heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet.

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Oh Peppi, I do remember the visits with Dilly and his greeting everyone at the door with a happy tail and lots of kisses. He was a great dog and the perfect taste tester, he loved everything we cooked, I think.

He'll be missed but he will live on happily in our memories, a great "forum" dog, gone on to join Stetson and Wonderweiner and Cooper and so many others we've had to send on before us to wait.

Hugs to you and to your Dad, Dilly had a great life with you both.


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Oh Peppi, I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. I'm sure Dilly had the best life with you that he could have had, and is bounding happily around with all our pets over the Rainbow Bridge, pain-free.
It can be so very hard to do what's right. Big hugs to a fellow pet person.

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I'm so sorry, Peppi - it is heartbreaking to have to put down a dear pet. But it is what we have to do as pet owners, especially when we know they are in pain.

Rest in peace dear Dilly.....

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I know how much Dilly was a part of your family. I remember Dilly standing at the front door greeting other puppies as they went by on their daily walk.

Did you discuss with Dilly if he wanted you to pursue a Dilly Double?

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Peppi, I felt the need to check here before signing off. And my heart just dropped.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your boy, and the pain in your heart. Dilly was surrounded with as much love when he entered this world, as he was when he left it.

Love and hugs to you.


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Thank you all.

Cathy, I think they broke the mold when they made him. If I can find one that is half as sweet as he was would consider myself very lucky.

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so sorry to hear this, good luck to you in this difficult time.

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I'm so sorry, Peppi. My heart goes out to you and your whole family.


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So sorry Peppi, for your family's loss. It really is heartbreaking.

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So very sorry for your loss

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