How long are you estimating to build?

myhappyspaceJuly 27, 2012

Hi everyone. I'm new here, so I apologize if this has been discussed.

We are building a new home, and hope to start in October/Nov. We have the floor plans done, but are still doing the exterior and roof lines before we get final prints.

How long are you estimating it will take to get your house from breaking ground to closing?

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Our builder has to be done by Jan 15th. He has no room for extensions unless we ratify the contract. Any interest or penalties we face for going over are absorbed by him. His working time on a build is 6-7 months. This is verified by my bank who has worked with him many times. Also I have seen him do two builds and that timeline was accurate. I know many people go way over that time, but I guess it depends on the builder and the type of build.

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They broke ground on our house mid-June, we are scheduled to move in mid-November.

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Our house isn't as grand as some on the beautiful houses on GW but we were told only 90 days from start to completion. Well we are easily into month 4 and still havent closed yet. After they finish my ridiculous punch list I guess we can close :) I went back to verify the contract and if the punchlist items are brought up after the walk(3 days before close) they can be considered warranty items and they have up to 90 days to complete. Therefore I am getting my punch list to them ahead of schedule because I want it all done before we close. If we have had problems all this time with our builder and they haven't been paid yet, I see no incentive for them to complete things after they have been paid!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our home sell/build blog

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Beth Parsons

We pour footers next week and are planning to be in by Christmas!

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4 months

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We started Feb 5th and our builder is saying Sep 15th. Our house is 3600 sq ft.

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We broke ground May 1 and hope to close on October 1, so 5 months.

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We did our foundation last Fall. Started building again in June. We are building 'out of pocket' so it's not going to be the normal route.

All your timelines sound great to me! :)

Realistically, I am giving us another year. We've got to at least have it shelled in for the more $$$ and onward we go! By the time we move in, we'll qualify to move into the Senior Center ;)

Good luck, all!

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We're building out-of-pocket, and I'm doing the vast majority of the build myself, alone, so I expect about a year from now, or 1-1/2 years total. This is for a very small, basic house.

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flgargoyle - Oh, good...another out-of-pocketer! Have you posted your plans? I'd love to see what you are doing. :)

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