Glass Shower Doors with Muntins?

mtnrdredux_gwSeptember 18, 2013

We are putting in a new captive MBR in a summer home, and DH wants a glass walled shower. It is a 1906 home and, while I know some people feel that glass showers disappear, I feel that they read modern. This would be in a corner and glass on two sides.

So I had this idea of creating glass shower doors that look like the existing 6 over 1 windows in the room. The windows are replacement windows put in the whole house by the PO. Alas, they are the kind with vinyl muntins. I never would have chosen them, but given that the house is oceanfront, it is probably the wise thing to do.

I was wondering ... maybe I could just get the grilles from the window mfr, and size my shower accordingly, and epoxy the grill on the outside? But then it would look awful from inside.

Any other ideas? These photos and link are something like my idea, although I don't plan to use salvage.

Here is a link that might be useful: muntins on shwr doors

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I recently came across this manufacturer that can custom make all sorts of shower enclosures - including what you are describing - American Shower Door

I am planning on doing something very similar to what you have posted, but with a walk in shower, no tub. I already have the salvaged door!

Here is a link that might be useful: American Shower Door

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Thank you so much! Mine is a walk in shower, too. Ionly posted the pic as an idea, since all the link are black steel muntins.

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I've seen a vintage exterior french door used as a shower wall. They had a shower curtain (gathered) inside. All I could think about was how moldy the curtain would get.

You don't want to use a metal window?

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