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debo_2006May 10, 2011

I use MSN as my main search page. Lately, there's been a large blue banner (bing) across the top that appears when I scroll down the page (you have to scroll to see it). It's annoying to me and I want it gone. Anyone know how I can get rid of that big blue search banner on MSN's home page? I use Chrome.

By the way, I just opened IE as a comparison to see what happens at the MSN home page and I still get the blue search banner, but it doesn't continually BOUNCE when I scroll like it does in Chrome. I think the bounce is what annoys me. I prefer using Chrome rather than IE. Thanks for your help.

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I just looked at it and it would annoy me also. I use firefox and the 'remove it permanently' extension got rid of it. I don't know if chrome has a similar extension or not. I hope someone can help you.

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I've looked everywhere to try to get rid of it. Anyone??

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

with firefox adblock plus and easylist there is very little that I see and when I do I just click the block tab for that type of ad.

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