How to output video from laptop to video projector?

lynnalexandraMay 7, 2014

I run a non-profit that puts on continuing education seminars. We have a presenter who wants to play video (on dvds), but the facility where we meet has had problems with their equipment. Two tv's and vcr player - non working or available. They have proposed using their video projector - which accepts output from a computer (computer cable - don't recall the name but I have one) or dvd player (using component cables - output from S video or other).

My old portable dvd player does not seem to want to ouput. I used the s video cable to component that came with it - and no picture shows up on the tv. Or a scrambled one does - i think the port has gone bad (tried other tv's and cables).

So then I tried my laptop. Using the pc cable out to pc input on tv, I can get video to play but no sound. I'm thinking that's because this is meant to use a tv or monitor as an external monitor (not with sound). Is there a way to get the sound to output too? The facility will bring us the video projector and screen, but won't have anyone there to show us how to get the laptop to output both audio and video.

I tried using my hdmi out from the laptop. Nothing showed up on the tv. BUT - I don't think the facilities video projector takes hdmi anyway.

Is there something I can do on the laptop to set it up so the sound and video will ouput?

Thank you.

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Depending on the age, brand and type of each piece of equipment, what is needed could be a some combination of several different and available plugs/cables/adapters. Without knowing and seeing what you're trying to connect, there's no way to answer your question.

To my knowledge, the only "connection type" involving PCs that carries sound AND video is HDMI. Otherwise, you're looking at two connections, one for video and one for audio. What's used for audio out from a PC is usually the headphone jack, using a mini (3.5 mm) plug. The other end could be another mini plug, or RCA plugs, depending on the type of input sockets available on what it's connecting to.

What kind of amplifier or sound system do you intend to connect to? Is the projector part of a TV system (and so it has sound too) or are you connecting the sound to something separate?

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