Where is my mail?

gmom74May 4, 2014

I am still using XP but not for long and have Outlook Express. When I compacted the last time all the mail in the inbox disappeared. Not the inbox- just all the mail that was in it. The inbox shown in the recycle bin shows it has 221 MB in it. Would this be the mail that disappeared? My question is, what happens if I highlight that inbox and click 'restore'? Will the mail reappear in the inbox? I'm afraid to try without some opinions.

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What do you have to lose if you don't do the restore? The answer is ALL OF YOUR MAIL. What bad thing could happen if you do the restore? Nothing I can think of. It sounds as if somehow you accidentally deleted your mail instead of compacting the inbox.

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Do the restore from the recycle, it can't hurt any thing. If it is something else you can delete it again. Do you put your individual email in folders?

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Thank you for your answers. I tried system restore and also tried restoring the inbox in the recycle bin. Neither has worked. At this time there are only 7 messages in my inbox but now when I close OE there's the message asking do I want to compact the mail. Does this mean all the messages have been restored to another area in the computer? Emma. all my folders are fine. But there were things I hadn't saved yet that are lost.

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Gmom, when I order something from Amazon I leave the messages in the inbox until I get my order. Maybe I won't do that anymore. I use Windows Live Mail and route my server's email to my computer.

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A couple of shots in the dark here.

You could try a system search for .eml in an attempt to locate them.

The free application Recuva may help. Its file wizard will present the option to search for e-mails.

Recuva comes from the same company as CCleaner and Defraggler.


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All saved email in all versions of XP is stored in a .dbx file. If you can find that file within the Outlook/Outlook Express program folder, you may be able to restore your compacted email. I was successful in doing so when I still worked with an XP system. If you can't locate that file, chances are your email has left the premises....or is buried so deep that it will take one of the programs DA is suggesting to rout it out.



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Thanks Ann now I can sleep. Do you think I could remember the dbx? I knew it existed, but the name must have been in one of the brain cells I killed last night. I just couldn't pull it up.


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LOL Betcha I have a greater collection of dead brain cells than you do. LOL I've been collecting them for a l-o-n-g time.

Always a pleasure to be of assistance. ;-)



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Well, with many thanks to you all I used .dbx and found many old emails. Even some things from 1998 that evidently we transferred to this XP when we bought it in 2004. There's a lot of reading and memories in that file. Thank you again.

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