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Nata78shaAugust 2, 2012

We are purchasing our first home- having it built actually. The builder we chose is giving us an appliance allowance and we can choose what we want. Ive never chosen kitchen appliances before. To stay in budget Id go with the convection one piece oven/stove, microwave with exhaust, dishwasher and refrigerator of course . Id like energy efficient and a decent sized refrigerator/freezer. The appliance lady said builders prefer GE bc they are easier to work with especially if something goes wrong. My question is how do you choose a brand? Is GE the best? We only have about 12,000 in our budget for appliances. There are so many name brands out there- i dong know where to begin. Id like good quality, energy efficient, quiet but I dont want to over pay for something just bc of the name. can you suggest anything ?

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First of all, you don't need to buy everything from one brand - most of us mix and match to get the best appliances. $12K is not a bad budget provided you don't want a Sub-Zero fridge. Even within that budget you can get a really good range, DW, etc. Search this forum for various appliance recommendations.

GE is a middle of the road brand. Stay away from their fridges but their cooking appliances are ok. KA makes good fridges and DWs but not so good cooking products.

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There are many threads that can help you. Read about induction vs. gas. Also read about microwaves with hoods vs separate hoods and MW's. Read about speed ovens. Also read about wall ovens vs. ranges. There's a lot to learn, but the beauty of this site is that it helps you challenge your preconceived notions and you end up with better decisions.

I can tell you what I'd get, but that might not be the best choice for you.

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Would luv to hear what your opinion are Ginny20.
It is as valuable as any other piece of data around here!

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I'll tell you what I got, but it was based on my space limitations.

I got 30" KA induction cooktop with bridge burner. It is pretty noisy, but it has minimal clearance requirement underneath and to the sides, so I can have a utensil drawer right there and it fit next to my pantry cabinet. Other good brands I considered wouldn't have worked in my space as well. There are lots of good induction cooktops, but they all have different specs for how close they can be to combustible surfaces under, over and adjoining them.

I got Elux double convection wall oven, non-Icon, with wavetouch controls. Elux is a well-regarded moderately priced brand in ovens. I like the full extension gliding racks and the various features like "Keep Warm" and "Perfect Turkey." Wave touch means that the blue and red lighted controls fade out when not in use so only the clock shows. It costs $300 extra, but it's worth it so I don't have a glowing dashboard in the kitchen. Avoid KA ovens- many people in the past had trouble with the self-cleaning feature. I have a separate small MW on a counter. You could get instead a single convection wall oven and an Advantium or Miele Speed Oven that would double as your microwave.

I kept my Maytag DW, so I didn't research the brands. I had Maytag because it was the only one that would fit under my old 35" high counters.

I kept my Frigidaire 18.1 cu ft fridge, which I don't like because of the configuration of the doors - small bottles fall right through the openings. I left room for a bigger fridge when this one dies (not soon enough.) I'll probably look into Samsung when I need a new one.

I got a Kobe 36" undercabinet hood with 800 cfm. I got it from I bought it based on recs here, because no one in my town carried them. Ideally, get a hood 6" wider than your cooktop and at least 600cfm. If you end up with gas, you'll need to check the stove's requirements - it may need an even more powerful hood.

Does your allowance include the garbage disposal? I got Insinkerator Evolution Procompact, .75HP, I think, with a Waste King fiber optic control switch. Waste King is another good brand for the disposal. You need at least .75HP. The fiber optic switch looks like an air switch, but it has a sealed gasket so water doesn't go down it. I love the fiber optic switch.


Actually, this forum does have true appliance experts (not me). That's how I found out about hoods and Elux ovens and fiber optic switches. My SS appliances all together were way less than $12000. You should be able to do even better with that budget.

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Appreciate the instant reviews ginny20. It's funny how some brands are good @ one thing but not @ others.

Such as your example with KA.

We're looking at KA fridge vs. Sammy's vs. Jenn Air so the KA comment was interesting.

Btw- from your experience it seems what was most important in your selection process was that the equipment fit your life & space & manufacturing & operating quality was 3rd on the list of importance.

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We down sized a year ago in March into a new home and for approximately 8K-9K we purchased GE Cafe' gas range and oven, GE profile above range microwave, GE profile french door refrigerator, and an Electrolux dishwasher. So far no complaints, the range top works well and the oven bakes very well. The refrigeraor is okay, no reliability issues to date. Microwave works well, and the dishwasher is fantastic, cleans extremely well and very quiet, (dishwasher recommended by appliance sales person, she has one). We also purchased Whirlpool front loading washer and gas dryer and both work very well; to date.
Before we moved we had a counter depth, wood panel Sub-zero refrigerator which was unbelievable, and a Wolf range and wall ovens, they were great appliances but very expensive. The dishwasher was an ASKO and it did not clean well. Good luck with your purchases, we went through the same pains you are going through now. Only words of advice don't be afraid to mix brands.

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Yes, you're right, first I decided what general type of appliance I wanted, then it had to fit the space and budget, then I looked for features, then I considered brands.

For instance, why do you want a range instead of cooktop and wall oven? Are you planning gas or induction, and why? Do you want a counter depth fridge? Why an OTR MW instead of a hood? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but you will make better decisions if you understand the reasons for your answers. That's why I recommended the threads on these topics. The experienced kitchen users on this site have a wealth of knowledge among them.

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