Need info on South Bend/Elkhart Indiana!!

dgkritchFebruary 28, 2012

Just found out this morning that my DD#1 and SIL will be moving there later in the year.

Tell me EVERYTHING SHE needs to know!! :)

I've already figured out it's only a few miles from Shipshewana....that's important to a future visiting/quilting MOM!!


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Well, it's the RV Capital of the Universe in case you're in the market...

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Thanks Claire!! :)
I'm definitely NOT in the market. I also read it's the Band Instrument Capital. Interesting combination...

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Well, I can tell you that it's only one state below me, so that's fun, and only about 125 miles from Elery's house! Also less than 100 miles from Chicago, and that has everything anyone could possibly want, I think, except sunshine in February, LOL

The climate is going to be very much like mine, with a lot of Lake effect snow. It's very close to Lake Michigan.

University of Notre Dame is there and so there are a lot of things that you'd find in larger cities, like music and museums, but with a much smaller town "feel". Much of the city is very university oriented, catering to the college students and/or families.

You won't have to drive very far out of the city to find farmer's markets, farms, the infamous flea market, Amish communities, etc.

I don't suppose you care that Oliver plows were manufactured there....(grin)


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Of course I care that Oliver tractors were manufactured there!! MORE importantly though. Just how far is it from YOU???

I hope she plans well and doesn't decide to have my first grandchild in the dead of winter because I've already told her, "No matter where you live, I'm gonna be camped on your couch when the time comes!" I'll have to be sure to mention that... :-)

Good to know there's plenty of farmer's markets nearby. She's becoming more interested as she has the freedom to choose and can afford it. I'm sure they'll end up buying a place with enough room for a garden, but I'm hoping to get in a crash course in canning THIS summer! I thought I'd have more than one year of her living close enough AND being interested!

Thanks, Annie!


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Not tractors, plows. (grin) The last Oliver tractor was made in 1975 or 1976, maybe in Iowa? They're collectors items now.

As for how close to me, well, Elery IS married to me, so I can be 125 miles away. From the farm, though? About 175 miles, not much further, but I'm north and he's east. A lot closer than that to Sherry (sheshebop) too, and there's a lovely drive right up the Lakeshore on 31, it would take her right to blueberry country and the pick your own places, lots of peach orchards, sweet corn everywhere. Oh yeah, lots of farmer's markets, she'll love it. So will you.

Saugatuck is a lovely little art colony, Holland is interesting and has a tulip festival complete with klompen dancing in wooden shoes. Grand Haven has the Coast Guard festival and a working draw bridge for the boats.

And, if she needs anything, I'm not far away, tell her to not even hesitate to call me and don't you DARE come that close without giving me the chance to meet you!

So she is expecting or are you only expecting her to be expecting? (grin)


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She's not expecting..........yet! :)
No way I'd get that close and not call you!

I think they won't actually be moving until the first part of 2013. She said after Christmas. I don't have a lot of details yet, neither do they.

Plenty of time to plan!


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Oh good, lots of time. So I'll finally get to meet you, hooray!


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