My Sharp Microwave is dying...

compumomAugust 5, 2010

I remodeled in 2002-2003 and we installed a Sharp microwave (Model #530ES) with a trim kit. It doesn't see too much use, we've been empty nesters for about 7 years and it mostly cooks bacon and warms things. The LED readout began to fail back in November, but nothing else was amiss. I happened to have had a repair guy here for my cooktop and showed him the readout with the missing light (diode?). It was still read-able, just a with a bit more difficulty. He said to hold tight until I needed more repairs as this circuit board would be costly.

Fast forward to this past week. Tried to nuke a muffin top in an opened cello bag as directed for 15 seconds. After about 5 seconds there was a stuttering sound and the light was zappy. I stopped the oven, removed the cello and continued for 5 more seconds with no problem.

Next day I attempted to nuke something else with a bar code-- maybe a jar? Same problem, but this time I didn't restart the oven. Yesterday I attempted to nuke a raw food. Same zappy noise and lights-- like the power was arc'ing.

Obviously I have to have it repaired or toss & buy an new one. Any suggestions? I'm into that darn trim kit by almost $200 and it completes the integrated kitchen wall of cabinetry.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Is it R-530ES model ?

If so I would just buy a new micro of the same type.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharp R-530ES $278 delivered

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I'd suggest you just buy a new one - probably just as cheap as to repair and you'll have a brand new one. I'm in a similar situation to you - GE MW with trim kit but mine is 8 years old and going strong - if/when it fails my plan is to just replace it with a new one - fortunately they still make one the same size (although an upgraded model).

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Thanks, I'm following up with the Amazon lead. It should be the same size, right? I was waiting to undo the trim kit until the new one arrives. Better get DH to find his screwdriver!

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