Need ideas to redo my ugly bathroom vanity!!

kittykatluvSeptember 24, 2010

What would be the cheapest way to do this, yet look nice and not cheap?? I know I could replace the whole thing but I want to keep that angle there on the left side, as it gives more counter space. I know I could buy a laminate slab and have it cut to fit, and have holes cut out for the bowls, just like they did here, but I want to stay away from laminate indefinitely. seems like everything else in a more solid material is already premade with the sink bowls built into it already - im sure theres a better term for what im trying to say - and theres not that extra space to work with in the corner....

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

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Any granite/stone fabricator can create a template and cut your slab with the angle. Even HD/Lowes can do this. But it will be more expensive than a premade granite sink. And you could remove the vanity doors, paint it, and buy new doors and hardware to update the look.

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collins design

What is your style? Those vanity doors are pretty contemporary, so might be hard to go traditional....

1) If you like the vanity cabinet just fine, or just want to maybe paint it and add a top, you might hunt around for a stone remnant for the top. I was quoted about $300 to cut and finish a soapstone slab with cutout for one undermount sink. It would probably be about $400 for two sinks. Low-end granite from a remnant selection was around the same cost. But I wouldn't spend that kind of money if you don't love the vanity itself.
2) If you want to buy something pre-made that doesn't have that triangle at the end, why not just build the triangle section out of something else. For instance, it could be like a wood shelving unit that fits in there (maybe floating so you could still fit the trash can!) with it's top somewhat higher than whatever prefab vanity top you get, so that there isn't a funny transition of materials... so it looks more intentional. it could even be a little piece of some fabulous stone like marble or whatever, because it won't cost very much for such a little piece with only edge finish and no cutouts....
3) How handy are you? You could build a simple open shelving vanity (many pics on line of these now) with baskets, and splurge on a gorgeous stone top from a remnant yard. Or not eve, one of the pics below has a wood top, you could use semi-recessed sinks or vessels if you like those. Even cheaper :)

Something like these:

4) Personally, I'd probably take the whole thing out and replace with an inexpensive vanity like Ikea's Godmoron units, either with their vanity top with a filler piece as I just described, or with a custom-made slab top. But that's probably going to run $500-$900 all told to do that. What's your budget?

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Is getting a "custom" countertop my only option? Including the angle it is 70" long. The vanity base itself stops at 52". Do they even make double vanities that small ?? (if i were to replace the whole thing that is)....and i cant get anything bigger than that because of the angle of the wall.

It would be like $800 at least to get a custom top...I dont know of anybody who would spend that much money on a bathroom countertop...yet I hate the cheapness of the 1980's laminate... it makes a popping noise when I touch it for peeks sake.

I guess I just answered my own question... ;)

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Hey Stacey I must have been typing my message the same time you were doing yours. I like those pics you posted, but it needs to be functional with cabinet doors where you can hide storage... im not very neat... I think Im stuck with either the laminate or paying too much for a custom countertop or downsizing to a single sink that would have lots of counter space. 52" is just not much room to work with for a double vanity...

Thank you for your suggestions though!!

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check out the newer laminate if you haven't looked at it in a few yrs.

if the base of the cab is solid, it'd be cheaper to just get new sinks, new doors and put a new counter on it.

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collins design

Desertsteph is right: it's not that hard to get new doors in whatever style you want. Maybe $50/door depending on where you get them...

So if you did that, and got a remnant stone counter + sinks, you'd just make your budget. Or new laminate for less.

Ikea's double vanities come in 39-3/8" wide (but I think that would be way too cramped!), 47-1/4" and 55-1/8" widths. So you COULD fit the middle-size one if you wanted to go that route. They come in various colors, with legs or floating (wall-hung) and all have great deep drawers. But they are all modern in style, not sure that's your look or not..??

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I wonder if you could tile over it? probably depends on lots of things and the expense would be less if you could do it yourself. But if you're hiring it done, then it probably would not be an inexpensive fix. I found this info on another website.

Here is a link that might be useful: john bridge tiling over laminate

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I can't see the original picture...can you post the picture?

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The original image here: is not working anymore. Can you please repost the image?

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I need help

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What kind of help do you need?

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