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nlionAugust 12, 2012

I've been looking at sites like AJ Madison and Abt quite a lot to shop for kitchen appliances. I realize I could save quite a bit (no sales tax, free delivery) with buying through them. I've wondered/worried about this for quite a while: If I purchase from them, take delivery, the delivery folks leave and they're MINE. I then have to rely on a local installer (hopefully I've found a good one...) to put them in for us. What if there's a glitch with the installation? The advantage of buying from a local store is that if there's any problems, they can put them back on the truck and we'll regroup. Or do the online places offer any installation services? I'd like to hear your thoughts/suggestions about this. Thanks!

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If you go this route, make sure and inspect them upon arrival so you can refuse delivery if there's any shipping damage. If there's a glitch with the installation, then it's up to the installer to make it right. If there's a defect in the product then it should be covered by the manufacturer's warranty - you'd have to contact them. Even if you buy locally, you'd most likely have to go through the manufacturer for warranty service although some local retailers have factory authorized service departments.

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Appliance installations are pretty simple. Usually a handyman can do it. You just need to be prepared before they arrive by reading the installation guides and having everything in place before they get there.

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To add to weedmeister's post - check the installation specifications to verify that the gas line or electric outlet is in the proper location for the new appliance.

We just installed a new refrigerator and I knew that the electric line had to be relocated so my installer was aware of that ahead of time.

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Thanks for all the input, folks. I'm going to begin looking around for installers. Unfortunately, there is no gas line for the cooktop and I had two plumbers come out. Both quotes were extremely expensive to run a line because of our house's structure and how they would have to run it. So, induction, here we come!

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