Freestanding v. Slide-in range - any difference in performance

chitownkatAugust 16, 2013

Hi folks,
I have found so much invaluable info on these boards and have a question that I know may be hard to answer.
I am settled on a 30 inch gas double oven range and am deciding between freestanding and slide-in.
The slide in definitely has a nice clean look; however, my kitchen would basically look fine with either type.

Has anyone else researched these two types from a performance standpoint? Or gone from a freestanding and noticed a measurable performance improvement in their new slide-in? or are the components basically the same.

So, my question is: is style the only difference between these two types? I am trying to keep an eye on costs and can't really see paying an extra $1,000 or so simply for my range not to have a back on it.

Would truly appreciate any input - and if you have a certain model of either type that you have purchased and that you love, that would be great also.

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As you've noticed, the basic difference is that slide-in ranges cost more and generally have fewer models available with fewer features. The other difference is that many free standing ranges have the backsplash that you mention although free-standing pro-style ranges do not.

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The most noticeable difference is that a freestanding range uses up some of the cooktop surface with its backpanel. Quite a few inches actually. A slide-in range uses the full 24" depth of the cooktop. I'll attach a thread where a poster discusses this issue and has a picture of her crowded pans due to the back panel. There's a link in that thread that's very illustrative too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about 30 inch Range

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shannonplus2, Thanks so much for linking the thread! Will check it out

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