hospice....heavy heart

susie_queFebruary 18, 2014

The phrase "there is nothing more we can do" has been spoken by all of the docs and so Franks dad is going into hospice today.
So he is going home to live out his days.

The family has had the weekend to come to terms with this and it is Vals choice.

My wish is for his comfort.

Please continue to keep him and my family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank You

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As you know, coping with being in hospice care can be emotionally challenging for the one in hospice as well as family members. Preparing for the end of life brings a plethora of emotions; I learned the importance of listening when the loved one wants to talk.

I'll be thinking of you often.

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Aw, Susie, so sorry to hear this. I'm sure Dad gets a lot of comfort knowing that his son has such a wonderful family in you and the kids. We are never ready to say goodbye to our parents. Hugs.

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Oh dear, I was hoping that your FB post wasn't about Frank's dad. I can tell you from personal experience that hospice is a blessing. They can relieve his pain and provide comfort and support for the patient as well as the family. He looks like a sweetheart, I'm so sorry that there's nothing else to be done.
Ditto what Cathy said, listen and write it down! I so wish I had paid more attention to all that was being shared.

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Ask all your questions now, for there won't be time later :-(
We didn't get as far as hospice with DH's dad, he went into hospital not feeling all that chipper and ten days later he had passed :-(
Hugs and strength to all.

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Hes actually doing really good today. His pain is low and hes eating really well. I didnt go today but I hear hes in good spirits and very alert.
I suspected he would improve a bit once he was in his own home!
I made a turkey breast and some turkey soup to take with me tomorrow...Ill stop off for some groceries for them.
Ive actually been to my own docs the past few days...my back is acting up. Now they want me to see a cardiologist...I was born with a heart defect and its been years since ive been so best to have it looked at. I dont have the heart to tell Frank about my back or that I have to see a cardio....hes just so unstable right now.
2014 is starting out simply aweful!


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Aw, Susie, I'm sorry to hear about your FIL, and about your back.

Hospice was wonderful with Elery's Dad, they were a blessing to us and to him.

I'll keep you all in my prayers.


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I'm so sorry this is happening, Susie, but I have had experience with Hospice care for my mother, and it is truly a blessing. Take advantage of all they offer that's suits your needs. That's what they're there for.


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Susie, I'm sorry to hear about your FIL. A lot to deal with especially if you are having medical problems. Take care of yourself too.


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Susie, you have been looking to healthy lately with the huge weight loss and exercise regime. I can understand why your back might be hurting (exercise, work, snow, stress) but I think your heart would be healthier than ever. But, as you say, best to have it checked.

Hope your FIL is comfortable and things continue to go as well as possible for him. He's lucky to have his family around him.

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As a child, I had a murmer. Went thru years of hospital stays, tests, misdiagnosis ect. Finally at age 11 I saw a Doc from Deborah who finally diagnosed it as innocent...go live your life yadda yadda yadda.
As an adult I never really gave it a thought. Dr Lou kept his eye on it with occasional ekgs.
Now Im in the process of picking new docs here in south jersey.
Because they dont really know me, they want to be sure. The doc says my murmer sounds ok but very strong. So lets just get tested and be sure.Prob best to have a cardio doc on board as I get older.
Now the back...ahh so many issues! Of course the fitness plan and gym time takes its toll but My goal is to strengthen my body in order to compensate for my spinal issues. Because of my weight loss, my lower spine and tailbone, which was once protected by fat, its irritated when I sit. Rising from a seated position is agonizing so I dont sit much! Ill be seeing an ortho in April to see if there is any option. I also have disc spurs to deal with ugh! Most likely have to see a pain management doc into the future. It sux!
But I still keep going! In fact Im heading to the gym now for a workout before I head over to Pa to sit with Val for awhile.

Val had 2 good days, yesterday he slept all day. Mom is doing as good as expected. Frank has the option to take some family leave which he may do very soon.

The whole situation is sad.

Thank you all for your prayers!

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Susie, hugs and prayers for you all.


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