Question for Raindance owners

writersblockSeptember 29, 2012

How is the Raindance handshower as an only shower? This would be for a bath where the ceiling height doesn't allow a rainshower, so any of the showerpipe systems are out. We were thinking the Ecostat valve + Raindance S with the wallbar. Thoughts?

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We have either the Hansgrohe Raindance S 120 AIR 3-Jet Showerhead or the Raindance S 150 AIR 3-Jet Showerhead (I always forget which model, difference is size and # of spray channels). Ours are mounted on a "typical" pipe coming out of the wall. We love them--have them in our two main use bathroom, tub showers. It is not a really strong, powerful spray, compared to non-rain shower shower heads, but they are the most powerful of the rain shower heads we "tested" in the showroom, because of the air inject.

We were using an uber-powerful spray shower head in our guest bathroom shower while reno'ing our two upstairs bathrooms (a Jaclo can style shower head). Small shower stall, very, very powerful spray, with no way to really move away from the spray while showering, so you really feel it. The first few times we used our new bathrooms with the Hansgrohe rainshower heads, the spray felt pretty weak by comparison. We were actually going to switch to shower head with a stronger spray. While we were waiting for a replacement to come in for us to test out, we realized, we really liked our shower heads. The spray felt nice, and very relaxing, and even powerful enough after the memory of the crazy-powerful guest shower began to fade.

I was never one to use the massage spray feature in our old bathrooms but I've used it on the rain dance shower heads on a number of occasions. Just enough of a massage/pulsation to get into my sore muscles, without feeling like I'm being pummeled. The hybrid spray pattern, between rain dance and massage feels good, too.

If you are looking for super strong spray, you likely won't find it in a rainshower head, but you will get a decent spray with the Air Raindance. I know their is a slight difference between the feel of the spray when wall mounted vs. handheld, but don't recall which has the edge.


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Thanks very much, catmom. Very helpful.

Actually after I posted this I saw the new version of the ecostat valve and the raindance handshower, and that pretty much clinches it. How cool that valve is, what a clever idea to combine the mixer and a shelf. We won't even have to do a niche now.

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Have you seen the new version, catmom? I don't think it's readily available in the US yet (could only find one showerpipe version so far), but it's so clever. The valve is in a glass-topped shelf:

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We have used the Raindance head on the Unica wallbar as the only shower head in 3 showers now. The water pressure is strong enough to get shampoo out of my long hair easily and feels good on a sore back.

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The only Hansgrohe shower we have for now (and can comment on) is Raindance Air Allrounder (model 28110001), and it is amazing. It has 3 jets, 63" hose, highly adjustable. The water is pretty powerful. For our second bathroom remodel which we'll start (I hope) in a month, I'm planning to get same one (Allrounder) as handshower, and Hansgrohe Rainfall AIR 180 (model 28433001). I haven't seen this model anywhere on display, unfortunately, so have to rely on online images only. But it does look quite interesting. Does anyone ever used or seen this model in action?

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How does that work writersblock? I am not up on the shower pipes, slide bars, and handhelds since we only wanted wall mounted shower heads

It certainly looks interesting! :-).

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Thanks for the encouragement, kaysd and elk2000.

Cat mom, these valves from hansgrohe have everything outside of the wall instead of using a rough-in valve in the wall itself. It's basically pretty much like their current ecostat exposed mixer: you turn the left handle to adjust the flow and the right to set the temperature. You can change the cartridge if necessary by unscrewing a set screw and removing one of the handles. The handshower hose attaches to the fitting at the bottom. They also make a model with a diverter for those who have a fixed showerhead as well, and for the previous model there was one that included a tub spout. I would assume there may be one for this version, too, sooner or later.

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Cat mom, this photo from pipdog's fabulous bathroom shows the previous version. You turn the ends of the bar the same way you turn the knobs on the new model. This might give you a better idea of how it all works. The two places it connects to the wall are where the hot and cold lines come out of the wall and into the valve.

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Rats, that's odd. I can see that photo in pipdog's thread still. Oh well, here's another look at them. This is their history of how the valves evolved. It might make it clearer, anyway:

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What's the benefit of having it that way vs in-wall rough-in? We have the in-wall type. Less cluttered that way, isn't it?

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>Less cluttered that way, isn't it?

You mean in the wall? You still need a way to make it work, no--some kind of handle? So it's really six of one, half a dozen of the other. Does this look cluttered to you, compared to an in wall system with a fixed shower head, control, diverter, and handshower? It's really just a matter of preference, I suppose.

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Sorry about the large photos, but this software is one of the ones that seems to upsize smaller images. You might also take a look at pipdog's marble bath to see if that shower looks more cluttered to you because of the exposed valve.

Here is a link that might be useful: pipdog's master bath

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Now that I'm awake, I'm not sure that reads the way I meant it. I didn't mean it as, "Does this look cluttered, huh? Huh, does it?'" I was just giving you two examples so you could decide what you think.

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Just saw this. I knew you didn't mean it sarcastically, or in any way nasty. I actually hoped you didn't think I was being snarky! :-)

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I have the Raindance Chroma C in one bath, not on a slide bar but on a regular holder. Love it. It's in our guest bathroom and quite a few guests have complimented us on the shower. I did not want the slide bar in this particular bathroom. But the handshower is great for washing the dog.

In the bathroom I'm redoing now - there will be the same handshower but on a slide bar, with a Symmons valve. So yes, I'm happy with it.

The hose did break off the first one, after less than a year, but the place I bought it from replaced it.

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Thanks, phylhl.

Cat_mom, no problem. I didn't take it to be snarky at all, just trying to figure out why people make this choice over that one.

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Would love to know where you found out about the new shelved one? I've been searching for your picture, and cannot find it! Is it available in US?

We will be doing 2 baths in the next 4 months, so am very interested in how these work/where to get them.

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Hi, kirkhall. I found it initially on their site for pros. So far that shower pipe system is the only one I've found for sale in the US, and only at

Here's the info about the valve itself, but I haven't seen sold alone in the US as of yet. There are also some videos on youtube (mostly NSFW). The valve is the ecostat select, if you want to keep an eye out for when it becomes available. According to their website pricelist, the new valve should cost the same as the old one.

Here is a link that might be useful: raindance select showerpipe at

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Oops, forgot to mention I first found it on their international site for pros. This includes a pdf with a lot more detail about how it works and how to install:

Here is a link that might be useful: hansgrohe pro international

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Just found the valve at homeclick, but the price is still quite high--over the MSRP, IIRC. It should come down once it's more widely available.

Here is a link that might be useful: valve at homeclick

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Okay, since I first found them a couple of weeks ago, they're starting to appear. The valve is $267 at amazon. Search for hansgrohe 13161001 if you're shopping for just the valve.

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