Tragedy in Mystic

triciaeFebruary 5, 2010

Yesterday, in front of our Post Office & less than 1/4 mile from our house an 88 year old Mystic woman was hit & killed while crossing the street. She was in the crosswalk.

The driver of the SUV that struck her is a 39 year old woman.

We heard the morse code signal from our firehouse & DH immediately started walking downtown but by the time he got there the police already had everything blocked off.

It's heart-sickening for us. We are a small village & nothing like this ever happens here. Traffic in Mystic is always awful (bumper to bumper from the Post Office to Mystic Pizza). Pedestrians (tourists) are always darting across Main Street (mostly NOT in crosswalks). Nobody should ever exceed 2-5 mph downtown Mystic. We can't understand how anybody could hit this poor elderly woman!?

We just got home from trip to the drug store & the entire town is grieving. We don't know the name of the woman driving the SUV or whether she's local? Of course, the question we all want to know...was she using a cell phone?

It's awful. There's still sand on the road to soak up the blood where she fell. A couple dozen people were standing on the sidewalk when we drove by on our way home & you could tell they were just quietly reflecting & a couple were praying.

Anyway, it's a sad day in Mystic. Please say a prayer for Alma & her family. It seems like such a needless tragedy.


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Tricia, I am so terribly sorry to hear this. What a tragedy and yes, small towns feel a loss like this much more than larger impersonal places.

I hope cell phone use was not involved. It is so crazy. Just last night on the way home I had to swerve onto the shoulder of the road to avoid a woman who was looking down at her cell phone (probably texting) and crossed the center line. Thank God we were not going any faster.

I was in Mystic just a couple years ago and it is small and so charming. I am so sorry this happened.

Please be careful out there everyone.

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Such a sad and unnecessary tragedy.

I am sure the 39 year old woman is just beside herself as well. I know I would be.



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OH that's so sad for everyone involved.

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There have been an alarming number of pedestrian fatalities in northern Jersey over the past year. Seems to be a lethal combination of distracted, speeding drivers or pedestrians that are either talking on a cell phones or just not being smart - walking across busy roads (not in crosswalks) late at night in dark clothing. Or, a combination of the two.

I drive nightly in Newark and am constantly worried about this because people literally wander across the street almost daring you to hit them. It's frightening.

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I was just thinking how sad to make it all those years and then have your life end by something like this, but of course it's a tragedy at any age. So sad.

And yes, sad for the driver as well, whether or not it was her fault due to negligence. The article I pulled up says she's from Hampton, which I suppose is better (for her) than coming from the same small town.

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My first thought was "bet there was a cell phone involved."

How sad for the woman who was hit and the whole village.

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I'm sorry to read this news and send sympathy to woman's family and the whole town. It's a tragedy that should not have happened.


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triciae that is a tragic story for your small town. I'm very sorry to read about it. Prayers go out to all.

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I'm so sorry for this lady, her family, and all of Mystic.

Another who bets a cell phone was involved.


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