Pop up drain or not

janjanSeptember 18, 2013

I just remodeled our guest bathroom and put in two vessel sinks. They are fairly shallow. I bought pop up drains for them but the contractor didn't put them in, saying they were against code as there is no overflow. He has (begrudgingly) agreed to come back and put them in but is going to document that I accept responsibility for water damage. This is a bathroom rarely used and now I'm wondering if I really need them in. Would you ever have a sink without a drain stopper?

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Wow...DOUBLE sinks in a rarely used guest bathroom?

Sinks are so pretty! Contractor has a point, when I was considering a vessel sink, I was only looking at ones with an overflow for just that reason. Thinking of possible insurance issues with potential water damage, why not just get a couple of rubber plugs and keep them in the drawer and tell guests to use those if they want to wash something? So, that if you did have an insurance claim you wouldn't have the 'not to code' pop-up drains there?

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My friend woke in a panic attack. She noticed her hands were numb, and that made her panic worse. She ran water in the new vessel sink in her new apartment bathroom to soak her hand in, hoping to get the feeling back. Instead she panicked worse. She left the bathroom to call EMS for help, forgot to turn off the water. She went outside to wait for EMS and the police showed up first. Luckily, they took her back up to her apartment, saw the flood, and she turned off the water. Still, the downstairs apartment was pretty badly flooded, I hear. They were in the middle of remodeling. Her water got the new insulation (for sound between the floors) all wet. She also ruined about half of the drywall that was done downstairs. I can't imagine how a landlord would think to put in a sink without an overflow drain in any rental bathroom!

In your case, putting in the drain that can plug the flow of water is asking for trouble unless you have an overflow. I would not do it.

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I've decided to leave them as they are. I bought a silly rubber stopper for the rare occasion where they might need to be plugged.

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