GE dishwasher

imsmilngAugust 20, 2014

We purchased the GDT580SSF2SS GE dishwasher in April. I really liked it but the latch didn't work consistently. After having 4 repair calls, the dishwasher was exchanged for the same model. The new model latches very well and the top rack pulls completely out, unlike the first one so I do think it was just a defective product.

The installation on this second model has been challenging though. On the first install, we could see the untiled floor beneath the washer and the wood cabinet when the dishwasher door was open. Thus, if a plate had water on it as I loaded it the cabinet got wet.

A second installer came out to fix the issues and he immediately indicated that nothing could be done to remedy seeing the untiled floor and the wood cabinet from inside of the dishwasher. He did however state that the floor and the cabinet should not be seen and the floor will be a dirty mess in just a little while. I asked if he couldn't just pull the washer up just a bit. Well, he did but now it is too far up. The black kick thingy at the bottom of the washer is sitting on top of the tile not in the hole and the hidden controls are sitting out. The worse thing is how the nails are bolted to the cabinet (see pic). You can also see the inside case of the washer from the outside.

Is this the correct installation of the dishwasher? Should I just try to live with it? What would you do?

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