Grout sealant drying up uneven

tartanhabitSeptember 20, 2012

Hey folks

I'm having yet another grout problem.

Our floor tile grout was sealed yesterday and this morning it looks uneven as if some patches are still wet. Can it really take this long to dry out in a warmish N. Cal climate?

I'm just paranoid we are going to end up with uneven grout tone as I've just lost faith in my contractor when it comes to grout. Before it was sealed the grout did actually look ok and pretty even.

Will it likely continue to even out so it looks the way it did before it was sealed?

Thanks. So ready to be done with this!

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It SHOULD even out by the time a week is up. MAX.

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Bill, I wish you did work in California! It's still looking a bit uneven and my contractor doesn't have a lot to say about it. I'm ready to hire a grout doctor to re-do at this rate.

Should a sealant change the appearance of the grout to any extent?

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Depends. An enhancer will. A standard penetrating sealer shouldn't change the look at all.

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