Question about Toto and Jacuzzi toilet

sandsonikSeptember 7, 2009

I was about to buy a Jacuzzi Perfecta toilet from Lowes - round bowl, chair height. Now I've read some bad reviews/comments that are making me question that decision - though admittedly they are on a site that seems devoted to Toto fans.

I figured Toto was way out my price range, and quite honestly doubted it was necessary to spend a lot on a toilet since my very old basic American Standard really works just fine . I'm only replacing because I had to remove it from the bathroom to put up beadboard and it seemed time - the previous owners had replaced the lid cover with a home fashioned wooden one! But it's impossible to disregard all the people who love their Totos.

Now I'm thinking that maybe I SHOULD go with Toto, because I do want a good toilet that will last for years so maybe the expense is worth it. However, I would be in the entry level price range for Toto. And I'm just judging by prices online; I have no idea if I could get a comparable price from a local dealer.

The round bowl is a necessity; this is a half bath that was probably previously a closet, or it should have been! I really can't afford even an extra inch or two more than necessary.

I have two questions. 1) If you have a Jacuzzi Perfecta (or any Jacuzzi) are you happy with it? Honestly, I think I'm hoping to hear that the answer is yes, as it would be the cheaper and easier answer for me! and 2) How does a cheaper Toto compare with other Totos, and would it still be a better purchase than mid-level on some other brand? I'm looking at the C423EF Promenade model right now, though admittedly I haven't really done much research yet!

Price is definitely an issue for me right now, so if you have some other recommendation for a great value on a chair height, round bowl toilet (most seem to be elongated), I'd be glad to hear them!

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Can't help you with your specific question. But, I hear you about the budget concerns. I think really, a toilet is a fairly simple mechanism, and there are lots of good choices out there in the low to medium priced range that will keep you happy for many many years.

You may have already seen Terry Love's site, but he has several recommendations for good toilets. WE have 30+ year old Cranes that will be replaced as each bathroom gets done, the first one we replaced with a toilet made in Portugal (?) that I picked because it was 'pretty' and on sale! I do plan on getting a Toto washlet for the Master BR, but will probably buy a cheaper toilet to put it on- though something better than builder grade-

Here is a link that might be useful: Terry Love's toilet site

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First toilet in our house replaced, bought a Jacuzzi ERA from Lowe's, 4 years ago before learning that there was anything to learn about toilets- who knew??

I have that one, a Kohler, an AS, and a Toto.

The Jacuzzi is acceptable, but wouldn't buy it again given the chance. It is the only one in the house that has clogged.

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I can't believe that I am posting about a toilet, but we installed a Toto Drake elongated last year, and I love it. It never clogs. It uses minimal water. It looks nice.

FYI, we just installed Toto #2 today. Bought it from Homeclick for about $225.

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Thanks - you both voiced what I always believed about toilets; that they're pretty basic mechanisms and not a lot of difference between models.

All the Toto love I've read has made me question my beliefs though! And though I've rarely had problems with my old plain-Jane American Standards, maybe the modern water efficient toilets tend to present more problems unless the engineering is better?

Maybe I'm being penny wise and pound foolish? Truth be told, I thought ALL Totos were really expensive and were surprised to find that some may be possibilities for me.

I'm beginning to shy away from that Jacuzzi, unless I start hearing better reviews! Unfortunately, the other option for a round bowl, chair height at Lowe's is the Kohler Cimmaron and there seem to be a lot of complaints about that one too?

I know, I know - there's more out there than just Lowe's! But they're so darn close and easy for me!

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Internet shopping from a reliable site with free shipping is even closer!!!

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i can't help you with the jacuzzi brand, but the promenade is not toto's least expensive. from what i understand about the dalton, it is a very budget friendly model that ranks high on reliability. if you had a little more to spend i'd go with the drake which has the Gmax flush. good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: toto dalton

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Be sure to consult the gold standard in toilet performance testing. Appendix B has the results by manufacturer and model.

Here is a link that might be useful: CUWCC MaP Testing results

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kateskouros - you're right about the Promenade. I've done more research now and think if I get a Toto, it will be likely be the Dalton or possibly the Drake (which unfortunately doesn't have a round bowl in comfort height). I think the initial price I saw on a Promenade was for the tank only or bowl only - explains why I thought it was so cheap!

thull - this is one reason why I'm so confused! The MAP ratings for the Jacuzzi are actually much better than the Toto Dalton, yet no one on the Love Forum seems to think much of the Jacuzzi and all consider the Dalton better. I don't know if it's just the Toto bias there?

Unfortunately, there really don't seem to be many Jacuzzi Perfecta reviews out there. I wish I could get some reassurance on this decision - the Perfecta has the round bowl, comfort height that I want, a nice appearance, a larger flush valve than the Dalton and a MAP rating of 1000 to the Dalton's 650 - and it's cheaper. But if it turns out to be a piece of junk that leaks or fails, the savings won't be worth it.

No other Jacuzzi toilet (especially Perfecta) owners here? I keep changing my mind back and forth! Toto definitely had the reputation, but the Jacuzzi sounds "perfect" for me, pardon the pun! On the other hand, the Dalton is a little smaller from front to back, which is very important in this small 1/2 bath.

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We are building and will only have first floor finished -two full baths and two half baths. For the MBAth and guest powder room, I ordered the Toto Promenade based on Toto touters and looks. I opted for the Gerber Avalanche for mud room bath and children's jack and jill. I read great things about the Gerber Avalanche (I think it comes in round) and I think it was a little over $200 (plus 19 or 39 for regular or soft close lid). I haven't tried either, but I researched and researched, and felt they were a good buy for their reputation. Best of luck! (ordered the Totos through CSN stores online (free shipping and much better price than local). Locally, got a better deal on the Gerbers.

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We put a Jacuzzi in our new mudroom. I love it. It flushes very well, is easy to clean and is pretty compact too. It is in a tiny room all by itself.... I'm not sure which model we have but we got it from Lowes. I have never tried a Toto so I can't compare- but I can say the Jacuzzi is much better than our Kohler and American Standard- of course both of those are older and I am sure toilets have improved.

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sandsonik, I'm here to your rescue.....sorta, I hope. I have both the Jacuzzi Perfecta and Era, and I also have a ToTo Drake with the washlet. I bought the Jacuzzi toilets almost two years ago to replace toilets in our lake home that were original from 1952. Anything would be an improvement on those. HA! I bought the Jacuzzis simply because I liked their look and hubby wanted me to find toilets fast so that meant Lowe's. Now granted, they have not had a ton of use because we are still remodeling our lake home. We have not put them through the typical everyday #2 use if you know what I mean. But, I do like them and have had no real problems thus far with minimal use. The only thing I will say is that the Perfecta has a VERY LOUD flush/fill in my opinion. I do not like that. Maybe the Era does too, but I really notice it with the Perfecta. As far as the ToTo Drake, it has been great but it is a totally different look and feel as to what I wanted in my "old" lake home. It flushes great and is quieter but not at all the style I wanted in my lake cottage...nor the price I wanted either.

That's all I can think of to say right now...let me know if I can answer any specific questions.


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Well, I bit the bullet and ordered the Toto Dalton. I would have liked to get the Drake and the G-max flushing, but though it's available in round bowl, it's not available in chair height.

This is the downstairs bathroom my mother would use when she comes to visit, so I was thinking of her as well as the fact that we will probably appreciate the chair height more with every year! The funny thing mom doesn't have a chair height toilet in her own house, though my Dad is thinking of switching out. So I may have sacrificed superior flushing power needlessly but the Dalton was also cheaper and this is for the lesser used of our two bathrooms, so I hope I made a wise decision! I think the salesman thought I was a bit nuts buying a "regular toilet, not that there's anything wrong with that" compared to the superior flushing of the Drake.

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From what I've read, the outlet size is the important factor. 2" is the smallest, so logically might be more prone to clogging than a larger outlet.

I, too, am searching for a comfort height, round, compact toilet for a small room, so this thread has been interesting. I have also been intrigued in the new double flush toilets, but learned yesterday during a visit to a showroom that they do not come in the taller heights, yet.

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I am looking for a toilet for my elderly father who weighs +300 lbs
Bowl Rim Height : 17+ in
Elongated bowl w/ split seat in front
I am on a limited budget and know very little about what to look for.
Are you able to help me?
Thank you very much,

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I had a Jacuzzi Era installed a couple years ago and we hate it. The seat keeps slipping - it does not stay perched on the bowl while you sit on it. I have replaced the seat and repeatedly tightened it, but it doesn't last.
I have written to Jacuzzi and they won't answer.
Eventually I will replace the toilet, probably with an American Standard.

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A few years late to help probably, but in my previous house I installed two Jacuzzi toilets (Perfecta I believe) and both worked wonderfully - no leaks, no clogs, and very powerful flush. Having read the previous post I do recall the seats do loosen after a while and I would have to retighten. I never considered this to be an issue, figuring it was like routine maintenance. Nothing lasts forever, as they say.

In my new place I will probably go with Jacuzzi again unless I find something better for the money.

As a side note, I noticed Terry Love's site doesn't even mention Jacuzzi. It does seem hard to find reviews on Jacuzzis.

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I like toto will get another one in a heartbeat. We have AS 1.6 GPF, it seems taking forever to fill tank after flash, and it clogs a lot of my DH not flush few time with each use, He use a lot of TP. Toto in the house has never clogged ( 3 years old)

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