Mongoct & others, I need your help! SLC uneven & so is shower pan

enduringSeptember 14, 2013

Well, I got the cement board up, Durarock. The shower pan went in will I was away, so I can blame my husband and plumber for the fact that it is about an 1/8" to 3/16" out of level over the 5 feet. I could cut the Durarock out on the bottom 2 feet of the surround (they hung the durarock vertical) and level the pan better. To be truthful, later that night, I tried to work with my husband to get it better, but I wasn't the "level manager". My focus was putting shims under the legs so that it was not wobbling.

Second problem was my SLC pour that we did last weekend. It is not very smooth in an area. It also drops off 3/16" in about 5', room is 9.5'. On closer inspection the drop off is pretty rapid actually, as we transitioned between the 1st and 3rd pour, or there abouts. That is were the marked level change takes place. It was a comedy of errors. We had a drill and a backup drill. First drill crapped out (we thought). Second drill chuck not working (didn't check that small fact ahead of time). Son drove to the neighbors up the road and got their drill. Ended up overheating their drill a lot, so I bought them a new one. First drill cooled down and worked for a bit again. Anyway, 5 buckets of SLC got poured between the 2 working part time drills. The problem pour was when I was freaking out about the drill issues. I didn't smooth it as well with my long handled squeegee. Lighting was not the best either and I didn't see the ripples. When the drill crisis resolved, sort off, I started leveling at a different level apparently.

1) Shower pan, it is about an 1/8" to 3/16" out of level over the 5 feet. Is this a problem?

2) Can I make up the 1/8", up and down un-level areas, with thinset as I put down my un-coupling layer? I will be using Strata-Mat, then tile with 12x24 tiles. I will be using the "Tornado" leveling system.

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I forged on. The Strata Mat is down and looks pretty good. I used Laticrete 254 thinset. I will leave the shower as is. It will drain and that is the main thing. I plan on having a sliding door, and the lower end will be where the stationary part is. So I think the shower door that slides past will be up a scant amount from the stationary door but...oh well. I don't think it will be a problem.

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