Best Venting OTR Microwave???

JennyK08August 22, 2014

OK - I know in a perfect world a true overhead vent would be the way to go but my kitchen is small with nowhere else to put a microwave and not much counter space. I'd skip it all together if it were just me, but also I've got three kiddos.

So the bad news is that I'm left with an OTR Microwave as an option. But the good news is that I am able to vent it outside.

I'm looking at buying the NXR 30" range from Costco (I think I'm almost sold, but I'm also looking at the KitcenAid Pro Series KGSS907XSP which is about the same price) any advice there is welcome also...but I digress.

Has anyone here vented with an OTR microwave and if so which one did they pick? Has anyone tried the LG extenda vent?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I'd be really careful about putting an OTR over a pro-style range like the NXR. The heat from the burners can melt the bottom of the OTR.

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They're all cheap junk and they all vent pretty badly. Most are imported. Buy a Sharp. At least they are made in the USA.

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There is no OTR microwave that is adequate for what you are doing. However, you gotta do what you gotta do but I would look for another option

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Have you considered a Sharp microwave drawer? They are expensive but let you have a microwave without putting over the range or eating counter space.

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After searching all of the labor day sales, and the ding and dent center, I finally just pulled the trigger on an NXR from Costco - there was just nothing else that came close to it's price. I haven't seen one in person so I'm hoping I'll be happy with it when it arrives.

I've taken all of your advice and am looking for a small counter microwave. The drawer would be great, but aside from having no room for it, its just not in the budget. I think losing counter space will be OK since the kids use the microwave a lot and having it on the counter will make it easier for them to access.

So, now I'm on the hunt for a range vent that's not going to break the bank. Costco has an "NXR" vent for $500 but I don't really like the look of it. I need one that will vent out the back, not up, since that's how the current one is configured.

Any suggestions??

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JennyK08, surely there are lots of great hoods that will vent out the back, but I'll recommend mine. It's a Broan Elite E6430SS. It's part of their "Professional Series" but it's not big or obtrusive. It would look great over a pro-style range like the NXR. It is a 600 CFM hood which IMO is just the right amount of power for a 30" pro-style range (it is a bit overpowered for my induction range). The controls are very simple, a 2 position knob for the lights and a rocker switch with a variable speed knob for the fan.

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Not sure how much this matters, but it seems that Samsung microwaves offer 400CFM on some of their models while many of the others Ive seen only go to 270-300 CFM.

No "rules" here, Im sure other vendors have high venting ones and Samsung has lower cfm models.

My issue, if you choose to believe/agree with CR, is that Samsung microwaves are the lowest reliability (most repairs) of any brand that they had sufficient data to report upon.

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^The biggest issue with OTRs isn't their CFM, it's the crappy design. If you look at the underside of one - you'll see only the pans on back burners will get vented effectively. That 400 CFM Samsung will probably do no better, in fact that sounds like a marketing gimmick, which is typical of Samsung. A while back there was a 600 CFM Kenmore (I forget who made it) that vented no better than other brands with lower CFM and got horribly reviews.

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Hey - I was in your shoes not long ago!! I didn't want a MW on the countertop, nor did I have anywhere else in my kitchen for a MW (i.e. no room in the pantry, etc.), and installing a MW drawer would have been a pain. So, I bought a Bosch dual-fuel range, and bought the coordinating OTR MW from Bosch. I know it's NOT the popular decision on this board, but I determined for our family, the OTR was the best choice. I have been pleased with it so far (it was just installed July 1st). My range top has 5 burners and I use the middle one most of all, and seldom use more than 2 burners at a time (and most of the time they are on med heat or below). I feel as if our OTR MW/vent is plenty sufficient for my cooking style. But I also don't fry much, well, really ever, beyond bacon or sausage, nor do I do much high-heat stir-frying. I cooked some bacon recently and afterwards had no issues with smells, etc. (which I did previous with the older, recirculating OTR MW the previous owners installed - when we installed this one, we vented it out - MAJOR difference). I had a toaster oven on the counter, which I used alot for cooking items for the kids. I have enjoyed the convection function of this MW, which means I got rid of the toaster oven...yeah, more free counter space! As far as CFM's, I could have sworn mine was rated for 400 CFM when I bought it earlier this summer, but now I see it's 385. Still, I think this OTR MW works well for our family's needs. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch 800 series OTR MW

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I have this little Whirlpool MW - the back is round, so it fits back in a corner, and the controls are on the bottom, so it has a small footprint. It certainly isn't the most powerful MW I've used - far from it. It gets the job done, just takes longer.

I had an OTR, and one of my kitchen remodel goals was to get a venting hood. I did, and I'll never go back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Little MW

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Hi Hokie98

I am also considering a Bosch over the range microwave.
You said you got rid of the toaster over. So my question is will the micro/convection broil and toast?

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