Printer doesn't work

brownthumbiaMay 12, 2013

I just got a new HP computer--windows 8--also have an HP Photosmart Printer, Scanner, Copier. I can make copies of anything but when I'm on the computer and highlight something I want a copy of it won't print. It's like the computer and copier are not communicating. The picture of the copier they show is not the one I have and I can't figure out how to change to the one I have. I tried highlighting the right one thinking it would change over but it didn't. So now I don't know what else to do. I think I need, somehow, to get that other copier out of there but not sure. thanks in advance. I appreciate your help. BT

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Printer model might be helpful.

Did you install the printer as HP says? Their machines seem very finicky on this point. with mine you do not connect the USB cord until told to do so.

Did you check that this printer is compatible with Win 8?
Did you use the CD that came with the printer or look for the latest updates from HP?
Are you using this wireless?
If so did you use a USB cable for the initial setup? If not you should then once it is set up and working you can remove the USB cable.

You wrote: The picture of the copier they show is not the one I have and I can't figure out how to change to the one I have
Are you seeing this on your computer from the software or online at the HP site?

On a personal note I have just moved to my Win 8 computer and the thing has not recognised my HP Photosmart 7600 printer so I need to fight with that and sort it out.

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PKponder TX

Are you attempting to print webpages or selections on web pages? Just trying to understand.

An all in one printer like you describe may have several listings in the printer folder. They should all corespond to the model number though.

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If you are highlighting a selected area and then wanting to print that area you may have to save the data to a file then print from the file.

Also, have you checked your printer's entry in the Printer folder to see if it is selected as the default printer?


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thanks everyone--like a dodo I didn't connect the USB like it says to do. Thanks owbist for the reminder.. What WOULD I do without the help from you people.

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