Aquamix Grout Colorant...used with Carrara Marble?

luvn2oxfrdSeptember 5, 2012

I am a tad controlling. I told myself I would NOT overanalyze every single detail of my bathroom remodel. I painstakingly thought out the remodel for 8 months before demo and was confident I could handle the remodel without making myself nauseous ;) Now, at the very end of everything, I am over-thinking the grout.

The bathroom, walls and floor, are Carrara. The walls came out more gray than I had anticipated (but again, I refused to over-think and just dealt with it). For the grout, we chose Tec's Silverado. Wet, it is a perfect match for the gray tile. Dry, it stands out in stark contrast and all I see is WHITE grout lines.

From reading copious threads on this topic from Bill and Mongo, I know that I can use an enhancer to make the grout appear as if it is wet (or darker), or I can use a colorant to change the white grout to gray grout...but my question is, can I do either of those options with Carrara marble? It is my understanding that Carrara is very porous. I do not want to risk making the already grayer-than-I-anticipated gray tiles even grayer!!!

Also, Aquamix is an epoxy grout colorant. I've read not to use an epoxy grout with Carrara because it can soak into the edges of the stone.

So now what?

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I wouldn't recommend it's use in this application.. The advise you received was good advice

Here is a link that might be useful: Grout Paint

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I wouldn't, either. When it comes time to scrub off the excess, you could very easily scratch the edges of the marble. As for the enhancer, your fears are well founded. You have two choices-- live with what you have, or scratch it out and regrout.

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Bill, thank you for stopping by to comment. You made my decision exceedingly with it it is!

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Sophie Wheeler

What does the tile itself look like when it's wet? You could potentially use an enhancer on the whole thing, grout and tile. That might accentuate the grey in the tile too much for your taste though.

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