printing issues!!!!

kathieloMay 23, 2012


New computer...Toshiba all-in-one, Win 7

Old printer...HP Photosmart 7350

New router....Belkin

Printer was installed with drivers for HP5500 (don't know if that makes a difference)

Everything was working fine. This morning there was a update to Adobe reader which I installed...then there was a message the Belkin router needed to be updated to run properly, so I ran that. Then there was a message from PC Optimizer Pro which I did not run because I thought it was just an ad.

The update required an restart which I did. (When I check my Belkin rounter there is an Icon for "Shred with PC Optimizer Pro...I didn't run that because I didn't know what it was.

Then I tried to print a WORD document which I had been struggling with putting borders on it. And the document would not print. I tried several times, tried printing an e-mail...NOTHING.

Can anyone help me figure this out? Hope this makes some sense.

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BTW.when I was trying to print the word doc. the printer status showed the documents in que, I ran the troubleshooting and deleted the documents and the printer showed it was ready to print...but it does not.

ANOTHER QUESTION....why when I try to print in WORD the printer wants to use OneNote..and I have to change that to my HP printer which is set as my default printer. What is oneNote and should I run that....I never used it since I have the computer.

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PC Optimizer Pro needs to be removed. You should probably take this to the LandzDown Forum.

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According to Bleepingcomputer, Revo will uninstall that program. May be worth a try before going to Landzdown?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bleepingcomputer

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What is PC Optimizer Pro. I don't remember installing it but when checking my programs it does appear and there is an uninstall option. Should I use it? Why would I have to go to another program to uninstall.

In the meantime, since I purchased Geek Squad support with my computer I just was on the phone with them for two hours and they determined that I lost the connection between my router and printer. They couldn't fix it. I have the printer connted with a USB but it cannot stay that way because it runs across the computer....crazy setup..everything is in a cabinet and I try to hid all wires!!!just a personal thing.

I think it all had to do with that message I got after running the update for Adobe and the Belkin fix. Turns out it was Belkin "damage" for me.

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You could use the uninstaller for PC Optimizer Pro, but I'd also use Revo after that, to clear up any leftovers.
Read all about it here...

Here is a link that might be useful: Microsoft Warning

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KatheiO wrote:-
Why would I have to go to another program to uninstall.
Because that is a more aggressive program - and once you have cleared the PC Optimiser Pro there is nothing to stop you from removing Revo.

To set Word to seek your printer instead of Onenote click Start, click Devices and Printers. In the new window right click on the printer of choice and select 'Set as default printer'. Done.

KathieO wrote:-
I have the printer connted with a USB but it cannot stay that way because it runs across the computer...
What does that mean exactly?
How many computers share the printer? If just the one then why not connect the USB cable to the computer tower? Especially as you feel the router is causing some issues.

When installing the printer drivers did you follow the HP recommended path? You should not connect the HP printer until the software advises you to do so for best results. Microsoft has never issued drivers for your model so it seems the drivers you use are the best alternative.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

the PC Optimiser Pro is malware and has to be treated as such so using a remover program that will actually take on the job and do a full removal including the hundreds of entries this nasty puts into your registry is essential, using the regular uninstaller will not do the trick.
You need to be rid of this thing and it is likely where a lot of your problems are coming from. You have a malware infection.

If you want help to run some scans and see what else may be happening in addition to that being installed then I would suggest heading to LandzDown and posting your own thread in this linked area
Analysis and Malware Removal
you will need to register first, if you need any help let me know I am there also.

I think it would be a very good idea seeing the issues are having to go ahead and let the team at LZD help you run some scans to see just what all has installed and what has been affected. This is my best suggestion to you. You will be helped step by step to clean it from your pc.

If you want to try using revo and hope it clears it fully here is that link
Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware

When was the last time you ran a fully updated malwarebytes scan on this pc?

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Update....Geek Squad was here to correct my printer issues. It was determined that a new WIRELESS printer would make life easier and resolve all my issues. So that is what I did and all is well.

The tech removed the PC Optimizer Pro that I had inadvertantly started to install (I quit when I realized it was an ad to buy the program). He said it is not malware and I should be okay now. This computer is only a month old so I never ran a scan since I haven't done much of anything on it.


Thanks to owbist and ravencajun for your input. I appreciate all your help.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It doesn't matter how new it is, I run an updated malwarebytes scan on every pc out of the box. I would highly recommend running the scan and updating and running it weekly as an additional layer of protection in addition to your Antivirus program.

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Good to read everything is now normal again.

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