KA KUDE60 Top Rack Issue. Does Your's Look Like This?

monicakm_gwAugust 15, 2012

Still absolutely in love with my KA KUDE60 dishwasher but had to have a service call for the top (3rd) rack. When attempting to push it back in, it would stop about half way. One of the rails was out of alignment/broke. Since it was replaced, I just KNOW the rack is dropping down significantly more than it used to when fully extended...significant as in I can tell the difference and it's uncomfortable on my back. This level shows how bad it is. The bubble is off the chart!

If you have this dw or the KUDE70, would you mind letting me know if your top rack drops this much when it's fully extended? And if it does now, did it when it was new?



Well I don't know if this picture embedded or not. Been doing this for 10+ years and can't get it to show in the preview the old way or the new (browse your computer way). Included the link to the picture if the picture doesn't show.

Here is a link that might be useful: KUDE60 Rack Problem

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Here you go

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Yeah, my 60 series drops roughly that much but it rights itself as it goes back and works fine....

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Thanks rococogurl. Don't know why it wasn't working for me.
Emilner, thank you. Mine has always dropped a little but this "feels" different. And yes, mine rights itself also as it's pushed back in.

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Wait! rococogurl, how did you get my picture to show when I (attempted) to use the new load from desktop option? And now, it's gone again :o

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My KUDE70 sags a little bit, but less than it looks like in your photo. The bigger difference is that your plastic bins (that the spoons, etc., sit in) are much lower; mine are level with the metal slider things.

I wonder if those trays were higher, closer to level with the metal parts they hang in, if it would look more level. I also wonder if that spiffy level you've got is heavy enough to weight things down even more.

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You know, those metal trays are optionally placeable in a higher or lower position. I know because I actually read a manual at some point. But I never ever affect that option and had forgotten about it until you mentioned this.

I was wondering the same about the weight of that level!

My third rack also sags, seemingly a little less than yours but possibly because of the absence of that weight on there. It retracts fine. But like you, I have wondered about it.

Is cleaning affected? I'm tempted to continue ignoring the problem. I think because the rack does not really carry any weight it may just not be a problem, even though it looks a little scary.

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The quality of this photo is poor as there's a window behind the rack, sorry.

This is what my 3rd row looks like ordinarily, with higher plastic liners.

Then I lowered them for comparison with yours...

It's possible they are similar, though mine doesn't stick in mid-stride.

I'm glad to know others' are at least a little like this. I've been wondering too. Thanks for the post.

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OK, need to go off topic for a minute and see if I can figure out how to embed a photo here. I've only done it a million times! I uploaded it to pbase and used this method (I might not be remembering exactly)
then the url http://www.pbase.com/monicakm/image/145403089
and then .jpg>

Oops! Must have left something out yesterday because it works! But, I still can't get the upload from DT to work and can't figure out who rococogurl did it :o

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chac_mool, I see the difference! I just took a picture standing in front of the dw with the top rack pulled out and compared it to an older picture (same pose) on my pbase acct. The top rack was replaced and I see a little difference in the styling. I don't' see anyway to situate the trays where they could be level with the sliders and I don't remember if they were with the older rack or not. As for the level, I placed it back on the rack and the weight made, for all practical purposes, no difference.

aliris19, no I did not know the cutlery tray (that I use for silverware) were able to be repositioned except to be turned around and switched from side to side. I'll have to get my manual out (after I see if I can figure it out myself.). Thanks all.

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The only thing I see in my owner's manual is that you can turn the trays upside down for larger larger utensils (or turn them sideways). My trays are plastic.

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Hey Monica - it's possible ours are different, but I'm guessing not. Can you see the difference between the two pictures I took? In the top one, though fuzzy, the plastic trays are nestled within the framework of the sliders. In the bottom tray they hang below. It's to enable larger utensils or the like up there.

The way to switch is to empty the trays and lift them out. You will see there is a plastic ledge on the plastic trays that hangs over a metal space on the gliding mechanism. This space is located up high in the "north-south" direction, and it is located down lower in the "east-west" direction, if you follow (unless it's the other way around ;) ). So to switch you have to lift the trays up and out and turn them 90-degrees.

This is way more difficult to try to explain with words than just do. If you lift out the plastic racks, it will likely all become clear.

Whether any of this is relevant to your problem, I don't know! But it does enable another sizing option. I have occasionally used it though truthfully, I usually just forget it exists too. ;)

I can post another internal-perspective picture if you need, but I'm guessing it'll be obvious once you start fiddling.

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I did read my manual; I did. But that was nearly two years ago, and I forgot what it said. Now I remember about turning those plastic tray things.

Before Alaris explained this, though, I was thinking some different arrangement might somehow make the upper rack looser, and droop down more, when pulled out in the lower-tray position. That doesn't seem likely, now.

So a different possibility is that its an illusion. When the trays are lowered, they just look like they droop more (less level) than if they're up. It kind of looks like that (to me) in Alaris's two photos, above.

Or maybe its broke...

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