Any experience with a Moen I/O Digital Vertical Spa?

treasurethedaySeptember 3, 2011

In addition to the Kohler DTV, we are considering the Moen system. We are leaning toward the Moen because of its ability to control flow as well as temperature. We will have 3 shower heads (stationary, slidebar handshower and rainshower.)

I'd love to hear any feedback from someone who has this system or a pro who has installed it.


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I have the Moen but just with 3 heads in my basement steam room. For the money, it is a very nice system. The shower heads look very nice and work well but not the highest quality out there. I looked at doing more heads but in my opinion the water pressure using additional sources would have been anemic at best. I helped a friend install a system with 2 shower heads and 4 body sprays and when all 6 are on at once, or even just one shower head and the 4 body sprays the lack of pressure is annoying. He is a plumber and maxed out the incoming pressure with 3/4 inch valves and feeds with Hansgrohe products and still not all that great. I must admit, I just prefer a simple, very forceful direct shower. I like being able to hit my preprogrammed fave shower when I finish my steam and have the water almost instantly where I like it. System has had no problems in over a year of use. Happy with it, particularly since it was less than 1/3 of the Hansgrohe system my bud put in.

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oops meant to say I only have two heads, the shower and handshower.

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one other thing I forgot to mention that is critical with this Moen system is that you need a place to mount it where the wall in the room that abuts the shower location has the ability to have direct access to the valve. In my application, the room next to it has a closet for my ejector pump and is unfinished so I can easily make modifications to the max hot temp and check on the fittings. This valve uses quick connect fittings and while super easy to install they are not soldered so I like to be able to check on them every now and then. No problems so far but like the ability to check on it.

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Thanks, golfschnell, for all of the info. We did decide on the Moen control (as opposed to the Kohler) but we're using all Sigma faucets and showerheads, which I hope will be of high quality. We currently have excellent water pressure and plan to use a 3/4" supply.

Thanks for the heads up on the valve access. It seems that my husband has planned for that via a cabinet in the water closet on the other side of the wall.

It's good to hear that it works well for you... I'm looking forward to a "custom" shower!


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Installed the Moen digital vertical spa and the roman tub as well a few months back. Used Hansgrohe shwoer heads, body sprays, etc.

Excellent -- what a great shower! My master bath is on the first floor, so the valves were installed in the basement. Made for an easy installation and will be easy access.

For the plumbers -- this was an easier install than having to put in multiple volume controls, diverters, etc -- and is a great look.

Would highly recommend!

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