Bosch induction cooktops--BIG sale at Lowes!

dccnmAugust 23, 2013

I was googling Bosch for reviews and came across this sale at Lowes through 9/3/13:


300 is $989.10
500 is $1259,10
800 is $1709.10

36" are also on sale--check it out.

At this price it would make it worth my while to cut my granite to enlarge the opening. Decisions, decisions.......

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowes page with prices--add to your cart to see the sale

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That's just the typical box store perpetual 10% off sale. In other words, regular price.

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Actually that's not true. If you know where that is the regular price, please tell me! This is 22 and 24% off suggested retail. I have been to multiple stores and websites. The prices I have been quoted were $1999 for the 500 and $2499 for the 800. AJ Madison Is $1524 for the 300, $1794 for the 500 and $2244 for the 800. I'm not a fan of big box stores either but sometimes their sales are real.

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Those prices are fantastic actually. Better even than Goedecker's, which is better on sale than AJ Madison.

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Thanks for the validation. I'm still leaning towards another AEG because I'm nervous about recutting my granite but wanted to share these prices for those that are considering the Bosch.

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No retailer sells at "suggested retail price". Well, maybe Sears does. :~P Bosch has a bit of a manufacturer's promo on right now. But yes, that' s just the regular Lowes 10% promotion on top of it that is constantly being renewed. Every time it expires, it's renewed. It's the constant "sale" game that JC Penney tried to get off of the merry go round from and found that they couldn't. Consumers just love the word "sale" even if it doesn't really mean anything.

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So that means that Lowes ALWAYS sells Bosch cooktops for less than can be found elsewhere? That's still great! Honestly, I searched everywhere and that is the absolutely lowest price I could find. AJ Madison gets alot of press here, but clearly can't compare to Lowes. Who would have thought?

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no their price right now is actually I think the lowest I've seen for the 500 36" induction Ive been eyeing up for 6 months! $1709. And that's without having to deal with rebates or be forced to purchase 3 Bosch appliances to get a discount.
Thanks for this post!
Problem is the wall oven price isn't all that great & I need one of those too...

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I have the Bosch 800 36" induction and it cost less than the Lowe's price ($2900 before it's in the basket). We bought ours through Abes of Maine for about $2500 and had a $300 rebate and a free s/s pan. The transaction went well. Beautiful cook top used it since Feb and like the boost feature. Quiet. There was a thread on noise and I thought about it this morning while DH was cooking bacon and heating water for coffee and reflected that sound from cook top was minimal: I read aloud to DH while he's cooking and the running water was more disruptive. On vacation used an older lass top electric stove: I could not believe how long it took the water to boil for coffee!!!

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Ebates has 2.5 percent back on Lowe's appliance purchases too. Check it out! I am real close to just purchasing from Lowe's since my appliance shop is changing sales people like I change underwear.

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I have dbl wall ovens from Bosch, and ind cooktop, too. Like my ovens . Don't like closed door broiling, tho. They bake very well.

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