NXR range clearance requirements?

ricemuttAugust 21, 2012


Hoping current owners of NXR ranges might be able to help me with something. I've been reading through all the threads on NXR ranges, seen one in person, and about ready to purchase the 30" version for a kitchen remodel we're undertaking.

Yesterday, I took a look at the Owner's Manual to look at installation instructions, and I noticed that while the width says 30" is required, it also says "2 inches to wall on either side sealed burner models" on page 6. The house we're renovating has a tiny kitchen (110 sq. ft. or so) and we're planning on putting the stove between two base cabinets.

I called a local NXR dealer who said that that meant I needed 34" minimum width for this stove due to the "high output of heat and flames" that the burners can exude at full power. I also called Duro, who claimed that the add'l clearance was just a recommendation and put in solely to help us actually slide in the range, which itself is 30" (so we'd need a bit more room to actually move it into place).

Could any current owners comment on whether either of these explanations is accurate and how much clearance you have to the sides?

If I need 34" then it's likely that we cannot go with this stove. Maybe it's too powerful for the size of our kitchen :( Currently, we're in a rental house, also with a tiny kitchen, and an original O'keefe & Merritt stove that I love but obviously can't take with us. Was hoping the NXR would be a good replacement. We also were considering the Bosch 700 dual fuel (which doesn't seem to have the add'l clearance requirements) and suppose we might go with that if the NXR isn't an option.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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No need for that at all.
Ours is in a 30 1/8" gap and fits perfectly.
The bottom of the OTR micro is 21" above the burners.

It can be totally flush all the way around even the back wall can be flush.

As you can see ours fits right into the 30" gap like a glove and flush to the back wall.
All you need to do is adjust the legs for your floor and to the height of your counter top.
There is a cut out along the entire length on the bottom in the back to house all the gas hookup.

That would be ridiculous if a 30" range required 34" gap, I have never seen a 34" gap in my life.
Every range I have ever had in 50+ years has fit flush to each side.
The "2" to wall on either side" I am pretty sure is referring to if you have a SOLID WALL right next to the range, not counter top and cabinets.

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Here is another installation picture of an NXR which shows the same thing.


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While I was looking for a link to Nunyabiz's picture, it shows up here!

So, I will just say that I'm also considering an NXR. I'm flopping between the 30" NXR and an induction range for a very small kitchen. As the oven in my range just died, this has taken on some urgency and I just been studying the NXR manual when I ran across this post. From that study, I agree with Nunyabiz about the 2-inch clearance thing. That is clearance to a wall to the side of the range ABOVE the cooktop, not the clearance between the stove and the base cabinets.

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Thank you so much for the pictures and explanations. Looks like we'll go with the NXR!

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Just wanted to chime in to say that mine is in just like Nunyabiz'. I prefer it because I don't have to worry about crumbs etc. falling into the cracks. It is in really flush with my countertops.

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