French Bread Killed My Oven

foodonastumpFebruary 3, 2010

Yesterday I made French bread, and the recipe calls for putting a pan of water in the oven. I've made this recipe several times before and each time the excessive steam fogs up the inside of the control panel so I thought nothing of it when it happened again. But then after dinner the oven started beeping with an error code which I couldn't cancel. Shutting down the breaker didn't reset it, and unfortunately that same breaker shuts down a good portion of my house (don't ask!) so I had no choice but to pull out the oven and disconnect it. I hoped it would just dry out and fix itself overnight, but no such luck. I just connected it and it's shot.

Fortunately the oven was only a $75 Craigs List find but I liked it and I hoped it would last me until my remodel. And it comes just a week after a "handy"man plumbed the bathroom I'm remodeling and I realized he did it all wrong and have to rip it all out. And we're one week into the prepping and painting of our master bedroom, a job which was supposed to take about 3 days until we ran into surprises. (Yes, I'm paying T&M.) Not to mention everything else that's wrong with my house.

Cooking is one of the few things that's keeping me sane these days, and now even that is compromised. Argh!

Ok, done complaining!

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FOAS,Go ahead and complain all you want. I'd be complaining to if it was me.

When I bake bread I always toss ice cubes right on to the bottom of the oven floor. And I spray the loaves with water.

I hope you find a temporary replacement oven.

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Oh geez, FOAS, I'm sorry to hear that your oven went kaput.

Like Ann T, I spray water right onto the loaves and it hasn't caused a problem yet, and I often bake custards, etc., in a bain marie without any issues.

So you have an electric oven?


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sending virtual kleenex

Actually, I'd let it dry out and see if it comes back. We had a remote control go through the front load washer and not be the worse for wear excuse the pun.

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lindac a horno in the back yard....
I know it stinks when everything craps out at once...I have some real wine to go with your whine and a nice wedge of Maytag Blue.
Linda C

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I haven't had a working real oven in a long time. I feel your pain. I have learned how to work magic with a toaster oven. Since I only cook for myself and a picky teen girl who seems to live on bottled water and string cheese I have managed well enough.

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What a pain. As Jessyf pointed out, though, don't give up on it yet - sometimes it takes a while for things to dry out (I once tried to kill a blackberry by putting an OPEN bottle of diet coke in my purse - it took a few days and then was good as new). My oven died a few months before our kitchen remodel - we weren't in as bad a shape because the stovetop still worked, but I became very good friends with our grill. Hope you get through all the work and greatly enjoy the results!

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