Need feedback on induction freestanding ranges

ctbertAugust 29, 2014

Hi folks. I know others have been grappling with these decisions over the past few months.
Does anyone have any feedback on these ranges? I am going to have to travel some to actually see any ( all I've seen is the Kenmore Elite), so any feedback from recent buyers, shoppers, or appliance experts would be really helpful.

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You should search the forum. This has been discussed many, many times already.

Most people with induction ranges tend to be happy with them, so you should focus more on looks, features, and price than "quality" or "reliability" because they're all pretty similar in that regard. The majority of people will be happy, some won't and will make their hate for the brand known.

First off Kenmore does not make anything. They rebadge other products. This has been true since the brand's inception over 80 years ago. The downsides of buying Kenmore are: only Sears technicians can get repair manuals (which are important for highly electronified stuff like induction ranges) and only Sears technicians can do warranty work. Why anyone would want a Sears tech in their house instead of a good local repairman I don't know. You can read online reviews of Sears/A&E service to confirm this. The advantages of buying Kenmore are... um, um, um.........

Kenmore induction ranges are made by Electrolux, which sells higher end induction ranges under their own brand and also makes Frigidaire. Frigidaire is the best value in a freestanding induction range (and any range, as a matter of fact). Other brands that mainly seem to be praised by their owners include GE and Samsung. Another interesting option is Whirlpool, the only brand with a double oven induction range. Personally, I have a slide in Electrolux induction range which I really like, but as I understand it the latest freestanding induction range from them is cut back in features from the slide in.

First, what is your budget for this range? That should rule out a few. Then, compare burner layouts and wattages, as they are the main differences between the different offerings. Most induction range ovens come standard with 3rd element convection and a meat probe.

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Thanks hvtech42
Yes, I've checked out lots of posts here . This is where I
Learned about induction. Seems like recently there had been posts from
others shopping and I'm just seeing if anyone has more feedback
On the newer models . I'm thinking in the $2000 range , give or
take ( no Viking for me). Samsung is out because people around Here
Don't work on them.
So probably GE Profile or Elux or Frigidaire Gallery?

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^Yep, those would be the ones I'd consider.

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I recently went through the same process, and ultimately had the GE Profile installed in June. We were at first leaning to the Electrolux, as we had had the 36" inch countertop version in our previous place and loved it. I don't think you could go wrong with either one. My husband is the chief cook here, and he cooks "big", lots of pans and big ones at that. We are both very satisfied with the GE model, and so happy to be rid of the gas range that came with the place! In terms of price, when we bought the Electrolux and the GE were available for within $100 of each other, although the Electrolux list price was much higher then the GE's.

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Thanks Northsong

Do you use a large griddle on your stove ? If so , how well does it work?

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