EW30EW55GS self cleaning

pber2025August 15, 2013

After one month of heavy use, including roasting a few chickens, it was finally time to put the self-clean function of our new Elux Oven (EW30EW55GS) to the test.

I know many people on this site do not use the self-clean function out of fear it will destroy the electronic, but this oven is replacing a crappy Maytag range and the self-clean function on the range was used for years without a problem. Also if you pay for self-clean it should do what it is design to do, so might as well do the test during the warranty period.

Well we did a 2 hours cycle and everything went without a problem. So far so good, the oven is very clean. I was very impressed with the level of insulation of the oven cavity. After 2 hours, the temp in the drawer under the oven was just a little bit higher the room temp, nothing to write home about.

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Good to hear - that's the oven I'm leaning towards getting.

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I have run self-clean several times on my GE Profile with no trouble.ÃÂ Usually I set it running at night before bed.ÃÂ Last time I ran it during the day and was alarmed at how hot the control panel became ... so I set a small fan blowing toward it which cooled it considerably.ÃÂ The door glass was warm but far from too-hot-to-touch.

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