Please offer your opinion: Miele Dimension Plus or Miele Diamond

mjoceanAugust 1, 2012


I need to make my DW decision soon as Massachusetts may be having a sales tax holiday in a week and a half. I'm looking at the Miele Dimension Plus and Miele Diamond. The Miele Gallery did not have the Dimension Plus on display. I like all the features on the Diamond but is it worth the extra $?

Also, I need to make a choice regarding the handles. I'm leaning towards a handle for the integrated option. All my other appliances are Wolf/SZ with tubular handles. The Miele tubular handle is a larger dimension. They also offer a smaller dimension tubular handle which curves in the ends (also not on display). It may be OK the handles do not exactly match because the DW does not share a wall with other appliances and will be hidden by the island.

My other concern about the handle is how often I may be bumping into it! Those of you with DW without the integrated feature please comment on the ease of bending down to read the screen on the front of the DW.

Thank you, I'll look forward to your comments.

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I've had 2 integrated DWs now and would not buy one with the panel. I don't care for the look of it and it's very easy to see the integrated panel.

If you were to detail the differences in the two machines you're looking at, it would be easier to make comments on value of any differences.

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The main difference for me is tray configuation in the DWs. The diamond has more flexibility, which I like but I'm just not sure it is worth $700 more. I would like to hear from those who own either machine.

Also, I very much would like to hear from those who have an integrated machine with factory handle; does the handle protrude to the point it is bothersome?

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I had 1 integrated machine with cabinet panel and custom handle and another with SS factory panel and their handle. I feel this is a design choice -- both worked really well.

FWIW, I've had tube handles of different dimensions that aren't perfectly matched. Didn't bother me at all but it also can depend on where the appliances are placed in relation to each other and what the sightlines in the kitchen are. Over time this type of consideration pales in relation to the way things function.

"Tray configuration" in a Miele is not a blanket issue. Which tray? Which features? For anyone buying a Miele I feel the silverware (top) tray is a must. It's one specific feature people buy this brand for. Some of the new models have pieces of that that can be removed. If you want to wash Champagne flutes or other taller items in the second basket (even on the lowest setting) that can be a huge asset. If that sort of thing is not important/relevant then the top basket can be a single piece. On my bottom basket, the tines back right fold down flat. For me, that's essential because there are 2 of us and I tend to wash pots, bowls and colanders in that spot. If I had kids/guests I'd likely leave those up use that for plates.

Again, with more specifics it's possible to discuss the general merits.

Ditto for the various cycles and the way the machines are hooked up. I personally feel cold water hook up if china/crystal cycle is included and will be used.

But there is always a range of opinion based on needs so there aren't many absolutes. Also, some of the machines are similar except for one or two small things. But in general, they are excellent machines and usually highly recommended up and down the line.

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I'd opt for the cheaper one, if the Diamond is much more. The Diamond adds a slightly more flexible upper rack, 10 (or so) extra cycles, interior light, Remote Vision, a load sensor, Sensor Wash, self-closing door and that's about it, I think. Nothing "essential" in my opinion.

How about a Vi fully integrated model? Puts the display on top of the door and no need to worry about bumping into handles - unless that is a problem with all the current handles on your cabinets... ;-)


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The Demension+ does have the third rack which I agree is a must. It also has trays that lift up to acommodate flower vases and wine glasses. We are also a 2 adult family with no children so the flexibility is important.

I am going to look at Dimension+ this week and will make my decision. I also need to confirm if the Dimension+ offers express wash. Based on my reading it appears most people like the express wash feature.

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My Optima had the top rack with the left piece that lifts out vs older DW with one-piece top rack. I removed the piece once. Most important to me was that back of the bottom rack that folds down. I also like that the plate-guard rack comes out so I can do a whole rack of pots.

What I especially liked was the new config of the second rack, which is flatter in the newer models and easier to load (less sliding around). Also, I'd want that center one adjustable (both mine adjust -- it may be standard). I do use that.

I think it's smart to focus on Express. I don't have it on the older machine and it's the one thing I miss. I also use china/crystal a lot but not everyone needs that.

I wouldn't pay extra for delay start, anything more than the basic cycles plus Express, the whole sensor business and ultra quiet when regular quiet was just fine. Optima was once described by antss as the "sweet spot" and whatever the current equivalent is would be the same.

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Thank you everyone for your opinions. I ordered the Miele Demension+ when all was considered as I didn't think the Diamond offered enough additional options to justify the price increase.

Thanks again!

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I'm not sure what the price difference is between the Dimension Plus and the Diamond, but you have to figure in the $250 5-year extended warranty that the Diamond includes.

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I have been watching this thread with interest. I was all set to buy the Dimension but at the last minute yesterday, I decided to go with the Diamond. I figured that my eyes are getting worse all the time so the LED lights will help and anyway they are just so cool (maybe that is the real reason). The auto open should be really good for plastic. In any event, I am going sort of "whole hog" on this kitchen as a present to myself and as consolation for my last two kids going off to college in a couple of weeks and leaving me with an empty nest, so I just threw in the towel on this one. The difference is $800 which is pretty outrageous. But I just didn't want to secondguess myself later.

By the way, my current Miele is 13 years old and has never given me a bit of trouble.

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