Cooktop or Range?

lmsscsAugust 12, 2013

I'm looking for people's thoughts on whether having a 36" cooktop with separate double electric, convection wall ovens is a better option than a 48" dual fuel range. DH suddenly wants to change the plan to a 48" range. Both would be 6 burners. He thinks the range makes more sense having everything in one location and it will make more of a statement in the kitchen. For us to change this means rearranging a few things in the kitchen. I'm the main cook so I believe both will function fine for me. Any thoughts?

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I personally had a range before my remodel, not have a range top and separate wall oven.

I personally love them to be separate as it allows for multiple things to be going on at the same time without people getting in one anothers way.

What I mean is I can be cooking on the range top and my wife can be doing something in the wall oven. In our case the wall oven is actually on the island, but same concept.

If it were me and I had the room I would do them separate. Another reason to do them separate is there is less to go wrong as the two units are not connected. You can also choose separate brands if you want for the two units, get what you like in both units, no compromises.

At least that is my opinion.


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I recently went to a freestanding range from a 36" cooktop after 26 years. I love the range, both for its functionality, and how it looks in our kitchen. The change also enabled us to gain much needed storage, in terms of big deep drawers where the wall oven used to be located...

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Another idea I came up with is if DH is so certain he wants a range is to do a 36" range with an additional single wall oven. That would allow me the flexibility of 2 ovens without changing the window near the stove. Unfortunately that becomes more money than the 48".

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That's the same setup I have. A 36" bluestar range and a 27" Viking wall oven. It's more expensive (although I got the Viking on a close out, so it wasn't that bad). I love it bc the 36" oven takes a whole to get to temp while the Viking is ready in no time. Plus it's great to have the ability to have multiple things going, like pie in one and high roast veggies in the other. I'd give that combo very serious consideration.

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I had a range forever - and went with a cooktop and wall ovens.
Wow - it is so much fun to cook - I can cook without cooking the cook (me) - So no heat from below without the oven.
I also wanted to get the oven off the floor to make it more ergonomic.

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I have always selected a range over a cooktop & separate oven only because I want to broil under my vent. We eat a fair amount of fish. It also allows more counter space. Not long ago I saw a friends marble, white and SS kit with a 48 inch DCS AG and it made quite a statement.

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We had a separate cook top and wall ovens. We did a little remodeling and to save space, we got a range. My husband and I would both go back to the separate ct/wall ovens if we had the space.....because of cooking over the heat of the oven and especially not having to bend over to get things out of the oven.

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