Problem formatting new hard drive

granny2anbMay 14, 2011

I bought a new 500GB hard drive to replace the 80GB hard drive in my Compaq Presario F500 laptop. When I format the drive before installing the operating system it tries to format it at 131GB instead of the 500GB. Am I doing something wrong when I'm starting the format? I am formatting it with my WindowsXP disc before attempting to upgrade to Vista.

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There was a size limit with early versions of XP, which is what you're probably running into if you using the original install disc.

How are you installing Vista? If from a disc, just point Vista to the drive as part of the install and it will format it for you. Otherwise, assuming you're running XP with Service Pack 3, just format it from inside of Windows.

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Thanks Mike, I'll do that.

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