Ventless Dryer

mjlbAugust 29, 2013

Does anyone have experience with ventless dryers?

Until today (when I found out that condo does not allow vent) I didn't even know ventless dryers exist! A quick search turned up Bosch and LG for brands that I've heard of.


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I had an Asko in my first apartment. It worked well, but it was significantly slower than a conventional vented dryer because it condenses the water and drains it out. It also made the room heat up somewhat because the heat was not escaping through the vent.

Mine took some extra maintenance, you needed to clean the condenser periodically, it trapped a lot of lint as well. (It was a cassette of a bunch of metal plates: I just put it into a bucket of water and plunged it up and down to get all the lint off)

I loved the washer btw, it was front loading and they recommended washing everything the first time at least with no detergent--a lot of soap was released from the clothes.

I would get a conventional dryer if I could vent, but it was well worth the quirks to have laundry in the apartment.

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Thanks, Pal. -- When you say significantly slower -- how slow was it? (I feel like Johnny Carson.)

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There are a few threads about these over in the laundry forum, too, if you do a search there:

Here is a link that might be useful: laundry forum

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Thanks, writersblock! I totally forgot there was a laundry forum, even though I think I may have posted there when I last bought a washer/dryer.

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My DM has the Bosch and nothing dries in it! It takes forever to dry even a small load of clothes and linens - forget it!

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My experience is that they are NOT slower. I have a Bosch model in a condo and had the same model but vented in a residence until recently. I did not notice any time difference between the types.

The maintenance is necessary though. I wash my matrix out in the kitchen sink.

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I had the Bosch washer /condenser dryer which is also called a ventless dryer for over 8 years. I used it when we were 4 children and 2 adults. It was an AXIS brand. I washed and dried cotton blankets, duvets, sports clothes etc. It worked really , really well. I gave it a work out and had to replace the motor but I had bought the 5 year warranty and the replacement was free. It was not in an ideal place - an open closet in a pantry..and we do not have central air and nor did we AC our kitchen or dining room - we face West so in the summer the Bosch had to work really hard. I put a fan in there and it helped to cool the air for the dryer to pull in the right temperature air. I am remodeling our kitchen and donated my Bosch to the Salvation Army. I am purchasing a Miele not the new Bosch Axis because I have read the new model Bosch is not as strong of a performer as the model I bought.
We can only have a condenser dryer. We will have AC in both the kitchen and dining room now after 24 years!
The better brand condensing dryers are really good. I have a friend who has an LG condenser dryer and she just figured out that the condenser filter has to be changed...she thought she bought a lemon but it was just that the lint and the condenser filter have to be changed. The lint - ideally after every dry like any dryer and the condenser - 3 to 4xs a year unless the light goes on.
The front loading washing really spins your clothes of water hence the drying time is cut a lot more than putting clothes from a top washer into a dryer.

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